Hi!! My name is Ashley Jones. I am the Mother of 2 beautiful children and a wife to an amazing Husband. I was born and raised in Denver Colorado. As much as I miss the snow covered mountains, I have really come to love the year around warm Weather that Arizona has to offer. I look forward to raising my family in this beautiful city and learn more about the place we now call home!

Why Every Kid Should Do Jujitsu

For those of you whom may not know what Brazilian jujitsu is, I will give you my version, and then I will give you the Google version. I describe jujitsu as the martial arts...

Healthy Smoothies for Athletic Kids

Any sport moms or after school activity parent knows how crazy an afternoon can get between school pickup and multiple sport drop offs. Throw dinner, homework, and multiple kids in the mix and it...

Grow a Lollipop This Easter

Are you looking for a simple way to add a little fun to your Easter celebration?! Ashley is sharing an easy and quick way to wow your little ones this year by growing lollipops! Last...
a picture of bean dip, topped with guacamole, cheese, and tomatoes with a side of chips

Three Dips to Try At Your Super Bowl Party

Our contributor Ashley shares three tried and true dips to try at your super bowl party! One of my most meaningful gifts that I got from my bridal shower was a recipe book that was...

Three Supplements that will change the way you feel!

My husband and I have done our fair amount of research with trial and error with supplements. We started focusing on what we should be taking during covid. So much research was coming out...

Momxiety During the Holidays – Holiday Anxiety

Mom holiday anxiety is real! I am someone who suffers from regular anxiety and when my children were born that level of anxiety reached a whole new level. Simple things like driving in the...

25 Days Of Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas Holiday traditions that I started when my daughter was born was to make an "active" advent Calendar for the month of December. The entire month has so many things...
A mom reading a book to her two sons. They are smiling, underneath a sheet, using a flashlight to read.

Summer Reading – Books to Movies to Read This Summer

Reading to my kids is probably one of the favorite things we do together. I love reading aloud. I love how they get involved and enjoy books, and I love going to the library...
A young girl with blue headphones on, smiling.

Podcasts For Kids

Podcasts are my new “playlist” at the gym. I have a few that I have lined up to listen to while I work and no longer listen to music. I love them, and so...
vacation with friends

Friends vs. Vacation Friends

My husband and I LOVE to travel. After we met, my husband was offered a new job opportunity in a new state, and we had so much fun exploring the new city and all...

Four Things I Learned From a Personal Trainer

New year, New you, is the motto that so many people go by at the start of each year. I think its great! It opens so many windows for change and opportunity and helps...

Four Things You Might Not Know About Target

Is it me or has Target become the modern-day mom's sanctuary? Target was the first place I went to after my first baby was born and it led to so many emotions. Anxiety with...
gratitude games

Try These Gratitude Games With Your Family

As we lead into Thanksgiving, November is such a great month to work on gratitude and focus on things that we are thankful for. It is so great that Thanksgiving lands right before the...
unique candy

Five Unique Candy Ideas to Hand Out This Halloween

October is the beginning to my favorite time of the year. Arizona is starting to cool down, football is back, and the holiday season is approaching. I found a new love for Halloween once...
free toddler activities

Fun FREE Toddler Activities In Scottsdale

As all of our older kids head back to school, mamas with toddlers are now able to focus on more age appropriate and fun outings to keep them busy during the week. I found...

Try These Fun Lunch Ideas This School Year

We are on the homestretch moms and starting to prepare our kids to GO BACK TO SCHOOL! It is always something fun to look forward to but also a little stressful to get back...

Cool Off At Legoland Discovery Center

Legoland Discovery Center has been on my radar for a long time! I am so glad that I finally loaded up the kids and headed down to the cool, air-conditioned Discovery Center. Legoland is...

Half off Wednesday in Scottsdale!

As we ease into the next two hottest months of the year we are starting to search for indoor places to cool off and stay busy. Scottsdale and the surrounding areas have so many...

Fourth of July Jell-o Jigglers

My daughter recently discovered Jell-o from a friend at school and has been asking for me to buy some. Immediately the thought of Jell-o Jigglers popped into my head. I am sure we all...
indoor play

Five Indoor Play Places in Scottsdale

The summer heat is approaching us quickly and it is getting less and less bearable to survive the park playdates. I gathered a few Scottsdale indoor play places that you can take the kids...
taco seasoning

Kid-Friendly Taco Seasoning

May is in full swing which means Arizona is heating up and summer is approaching across the United States. What better way to cool down than with a margarita, patio and Taco Tuesday! Don’t...
story times

Story Times Around Scottsdale

I am so happy to announce that story times are FINALLY back up and going. I don’t think many have been open since pre-pandemic therefore my little guy has yet to be at any...
travel bag

What’s In My Bag: Kids Travel Bag

It's spring break time!! I am excited for spring break and we as a family are going nowhere. I know so many families are escaping for a long trip though so I thought that...
kid-friendly restaurant

New Kid Friendly Restaurant in Scottsdale!

My husband and I visit the Talking Stick area often. We love going to KTR, Great Wolf Lodge, Matrix and Spring training so we always notice when new restaurants come and go in the...
thank you

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Now that the holidays are over, and all the gifts have been opened, it's time to write your thank you notes! I feel the value of a thank you note has slowly gone away....
favorite things

A Few of My Favorite Things

The Holidays can leave you a little overwhelmed when you think of all the different gifts you have to buy. I love favorite things parties but when I go to buy a “favorite thing”...

My Nightmare Psychic Reading

I went to see a psychic. In 2016 my husband and I had our first miscarriage. As anyone knows who ever has gone through this, it’s absolutely heartbreaking. Not only do you have to move...
diaper bag

What’s In My Bag: Diaper Bag Edition

I always love reading what other bloggers and celebrities have in their bags. I have learned of so many random things that people have, that become so useful in certain situations. I decided to...
party favors

Party Favors That Won’t Disappoint

School is starting back up throughout the state, so that means those long class lists of invites to kids birthday parties are about to make their way around. My daughter just had her birthday...

15 Activities You Can Do With a Balloon

Summer is here and I always feel so desperate for new activities to keep the kids entertained both inside and out. When I worked with kids growing up we always had balloons tucked away...