What to Buy this Prime Day!


Amazon Prime day is July 12th & 13th and we have the top 5 things you should stock up on this Prime!

  1. School supplies…….fortunately/unfortunately school is going to be here before we can even believe it. You wont find everything on your list in the Prime Deals for back to school but there are some items you or your child may need like new socks, sports items, kitchen organizational items, and paper towels. You will be happy to pick these up now before the back to school rush. Another great deal is this Fire Tablet.

And if you spend $75 on P&G personal and home products now you get $20 credit on Prime Day!

2. Christmas presents…..I like to start shopping for Christmas presents now, because I am always pleasantly surprised by how much I have already done come November (and there are always presents I forget that I bought). Prime Day has 60% off all Amazon electronics!

3. All the kitchen gadgets…..I love my air fryer; this one is a great deal on Prime Day. I also need all new food storage containers. We have somehow accumulated 50 lids and no bases….how does this happen? This drawer organizer for baggies is also in my Amazon shopping cart.

4. This deep tissue massage gun is a fantastic deal. Especially if you are looking to start a new exercise routine when the weather starts to cool, you can use this to soothe your newly found muscles.

5. These bamboo sheets come in a million colors, come with four pillowcases, and are the best deal on bamboo sheets I have seen. There are over 150,000 reviews and the star rating is pretty good for such a deal.

Money is a little tighter for all of us right now, and who doesn’t just love a good deal? What do you have your eye on for Prime Day? Tell us your must-haves in the comments below, or share your favorite deal with our readers.

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