Rejuvenate Your Soul at the Simple Farm in Scottsdale


If you’ve never heard of The Simple Farm in Scottsdale, I’m here to share what a little hidden gem of a place it is.

I recently spent a few hours there one morning for a Women’s Beauty and Wellness Gathering and it was like being transported to a different world, far from the noise and busy-ness of the city.

Located right in the middle of Scottsdale, the small farm’s grounds provide a source of renewal and rejuvenation, offering an opportunity to temporarily escape the stresses of modern life and recharge both physically and mentally.

Their Wellness mornings are a chance to come alone or with a friend to stroll the gardens, check out the farm animals (chickens and goats), sit and read, talk, or journal while you sip coffee or tea and enjoy a breakfast pastry, and most importantly, to reset your inner calm. The farm definitely loves children, but the wellness mornings are just for adults, so that women are able to truly slow down and enjoy a few hours of peaceful stillness.

Various farm offerings are also available to purchase if you want to. The morning I was there, artisan bread made by a local sourdough baker/teacher was available to buy, along with a number of other apothecary and skincare items. The bread was so fresh and delicious.

If you’re unable to make it to a morning Wellness Gathering, consider attending a Moonlight Dinner or Family Farm Supper. Connecting the community and celebrating the local culinary world is at the heart of what the farm’s owners, the Ledners, do. Over the past six years, they’ve partnered with award-winning Chef Adam Allison – who intentionally crafts each aspect of his 5 star multi-course menu to the selection of the wines and special stories shared about each dish.

The Simple Farm is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, and their mission is to create a culture on a farm setting that encourages people to enrich their relationship with others and to strengthen their faith though reconnection with nature and good, fresh food.

As busy moms, we all need the encouragement to slow down, be mindful of the people in our lives and our community, and to eliminate the unnecessary stuff that clogs our minds and leads to physical and emotional exhaustion. Any experience you have at the Simple Farm will help you to do those things, through the enjoyment of nature and the connection with people who are looking for the same thing.

You can learn much more about The Simple Farm on their website or by following them on their Instagram page.



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