A Few of My Favorite Things


The Holidays can leave you a little overwhelmed when you think of all the different gifts you have to buy. I love favorite things parties but when I go to buy a “favorite thing” I always get a brain freeze and can never pinpoint what to buy. The same thing happens with white elephant, stocking stuffers and simply finding something for the person who has it all. Here is a few of my favorite things, all under $25, that can fit into any gifting category.

Goodr sunglasses– These sunglasses are pretty amazing. They are super lightweight, polarized, and they won’t slip or bounce on a sweaty face. Great for any outdoor workout or activity. They come in a bunch of amazing colors and can be found all around town. Your local running stores carry them, amazon and even sunglass hut. The real kicker…. they are only $25!

Poo Pouri toilet spray– I love this for a hostess gift, stocking stuffer, and will even find this on my favorite things list. I use these all over my house! Guests always love them and so do my kids. You just spray before you go and it helps eliminate odors. I bring in my diaper bag for those not so fun public restrooms and even in my travel bag for the hotels where the family has to share a bathroom. These can all be found for under $10.

Great pretender’s capes– My daughter was gifted this a few months ago and its now my go to. They make these adorable capes for both girls and boys that the child can color and then wear! My daughter would sit for periods of a time and just enjoy coloring! These are on amazon or their own website for $25.

Aspen and company hats- These hats are adorable and custom. You can choose from a variety of colors and labels for each hat and personalize it with a child’s name on the front. They make matching father/son ones and even include other apparel to match. These hats are also $25.

Bonanza wine– Great hostess gift that can match a favorite things gift as well. Bonanza wine is found at Costco and is compared to Caymus!!! The best part is the price tag, at only $20!

I hope these can help you find you the perfect gift for the moments when we can’t find one. Happy Holidays to all!