Five Unique Candy Ideas to Hand Out This Halloween

unique candy

October is the beginning to my favorite time of the year. Arizona is starting to cool down, football is back, and the holiday season is approaching. I found a new love for Halloween once I had kids. It went from the great excuse to dress up and party in collage to inflatable yard décor, and art projects. My kids are obsessed with Halloween and have been planning their costumes for months now. As for me… I am still adding décor to my amazon cart and find myself looking for unique candy options that I can hand out for Halloween.

Last year I decided to choose one type of candy to hand out that was good enough to just give one. I found it to be a huge hit and was able to calculate a little more on how much I need as I was just giving one per kid away. I also enjoyed what I choose because if I did have a few extra at the end, I was able to tuck them away to use for future airplane rides, bribery, or just a good day. They didn’t go bad after a few months.

I have thought of a few unique “old school” things to hand out this year that the kids will love!

Ring pops– This was a huge hit for me last year! The kids were excited when I put them in their bag, and it was easy to just give one or two at a time. Amazon has them in bulk and I have seen them at Target and Walmart. I believe 3 to 4 bags was enough for my largely kid-populated neighborhood.

Candy Necklace– I feel like these are so old school now because I never see them around. How fun would these be to get!? It’s different, they won’t melt, and a great thing to stash away if you have extras. Amazon also has these in bulk!

War heads– I think this is such a fun candy! My daughter tried one for the first time the other day and to see her reaction was great! “Who put pepper on these?” HA! Obviously, these are a lot smaller than the other choices, so you would probably give a few away at a time. I think it’s a huge hit for the older kids and maybe have a few bags just for the older ones who can handle it better.

Fruit by the Foot– Ok, a little off the candy grid BUT its sweet, different, and kids love these! They are big enough to just give one and a ton come in a box. We found a box of them at Costco that had 48 in the box! I think the box was less than $10 too.

Push Pops– Another classic “old school” candy. Its unique and different from the average blow pop and kids can save it for later. I noticed on amazon you can buy bulk ring pops and push pops in the same bag!

I just love these unique candy ideas so you can better gauge how much candy you need to buy for Halloween. If you end up with a little extra, tuck them away for rewards, travel, or even future party favor fillers. The kids will be happy with these unique candy treats, you won’t break the bank on candy this year, and the entire night will be a success!