15 Activities You Can Do With a Balloon


Summer is here and I always feel so desperate for new activities to keep the kids entertained both inside and out. When I worked with kids growing up we always had balloons tucked away and could always find last minute entertainment with a simple balloon. I put together a list of some of my favorite activities that we did with balloons. 

Balloon Volleyball– tie a string or line up a few chairs and play volleyball over the “net”.

Balloon Wrestling– 2 or more players try to sit on the same balloon to pop it without using their hands.

Musical balloons– play music while hitting the balloon. last person to hit the balloon when music stops is out. 

Balloon tennis– use tennis rackets or make them out of a paper plate to hit the balloon back and forth.

Pom-pom shooters- tie an empty balloon at the bottom and cut the circular part off at the top. Place the balloon at the bottom of a cut out cup. Gently pull back the tie and the Pom-Pom will fly!

Balloon Faces– decorate the balloons with silly faces. This is a great way to discuss emotions.

Enrichment toss– say a rhyming word, animal, or favorite category each time you hit the balloon back and forth.

Balloon tag– tie a balloon to a string and then around ankle. Chase each other to try and stomp on opponents balloon. 

Relay Races– Run from one end of room to the next with a balloon between knees. Find other silly ways to race. 

Water Balloon toss– Fill up a water balloon and toss with a partner. Start close together and step back one step each time it’s caught. 

Water Piñatas- Fill water balloons with water and hang from a tree. Hit the balloon with a stick or bat to break it open. 

Baseball– Have some batting practice with a water balloon

Water balloon filled with shaving cream– messy fun. Try to break open a balloon full of shaving cream.

Yo-yo’s– fill a water balloon up with water and tie to a string. Wrap the string around it and drop it down like a yoyo!

Balloon roll– Compete with a friend to roll a water balloon across the ground and see which one goes further. 

Have fun, get wet, and get messy!!