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Meet the Scottsdale Moms Team

Angela Barako

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Co-Owner, Business Administrator 

Angela Barako has loved living in Scottsdale for the last 20 years with her husband, Tom and three daughters (plus two dog). Angela has enjoyed being the owner of Scottsdale Moms and North Phoenix Moms. She is passionate about supporting the Scottsdale and Phoenix community. She reads lots of books, is a big college football fan (Go Big Red and Sun Devils!), attempts to garden, and loves reality TV.

Kate Eschbach

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Co-Owner, Advertising Director

Kate Eschbach writes a lifestyle legacy blog named Songs Kate Sang and is a professional photographer. She enjoys handwritten correspondence, and may break out into musical numbers at any time. She and her husband Brian have been married since 1999. They have four children – Julia, 15, Nate, 12, Riley, 5, and baby Mary Alice. She is a Texas girl and has lived in Arizona for 8 wonderful (and hot!) years. Kate writes from the heart about adoption and miscarriage. She is passionate about encouraging and serving others


Jinny De Luca is originally from the Midwest, has lived in Arizona since 1996 and is desperately missing winters. She met her husband Paul at church, and they married in 2010. In 2014 they were surprised with the blessing of their daughter, Ruby, through adoption. With a background in Interior Design, Jinny loves decorating and space planning. She’s a failed minimalist who loves options and patterns too much to commit. She enjoys organizing and decluttering, photography, party planning, cookie decorating, and has a healthy obsession with planners and all things paper.

Jinny Deluca

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Contributor, Community Engagement Coordinator

Jennie Love is a native Phoenician turned Scottsdale-ite. Jennie and her wonderful husband Scott have two adorable little boys, Robert, the sweet & spunky “threenager,” and baby Weston, who is full of cuddles and smiles. As a family, they enjoy the Phx Zoo, riding the rails at the train park, and exploring hiking trails. Jennie is a yoga instructor at Modern Milk in Scottsdale and routinely subs at Moksha Yoga Phx. While indulging in all things beauty related, Jennie also loves cooking, wine, chocolate, and spending quality time with her family & friends. But her favorite pastime is to browse through Target all by herself.

Jennie Love

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Contributor, Social Media Assistant 

Rebecca Hubanks is wife to Mikel, Mom to Nolan (5), Landon (2) & Natalie (1) and Pro-Snuggler of mini-doxies Khaki & Scarlett. She’s a Chemo-Infusion RN, Amazing Race Fanatic, Blue Bell Addict & Workout Enthusiast. As a Texas native, she braved 5 long Minnesota winters before moving to Phoenix in July(!) of 2013, and she’s seen 3 rattlesnakes since then. Most notably, Rebecca is thankful to be Saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus – and More Awestruck every day by life’s little blessings as “Mom”.

Rebecca Hubanks

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Jennifer & Tera

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Event Managers 

In addition to planning all of the SMB events, Jennifer and Tera own Best Friend Borrowed! If you are in need of a fantastic event planning team for your weddings or upcoming event, contact them! 


Alison Edelstein is an Arizona native who lives in Desert Peak with her two girls (ages 4 & 8), her husband, and their sweet Puggle, Luna. She’s half type-A and half scatterbrain and has way too many interests. Some of these include singing Disney songs with her girls, gardening, buying too many indoor plants, early education, drinking coffee, yoga, all things eco-friendly, and spending time with friends and family. Although her main and most favorite job is being a mama, she’s also a Beautycounter consultant and a Speech Language Pathologist (working very part-time at the moment) with a passion for supporting early speech and language development and empowering parents with fun ways to support their little one’s emerging communication skills by focusing on their unique strengths. She has a website that provides parents with free resources on speech and language development called Chirpy Chatterbox. She also blogs about her journey as a mama who is seeking ways to heal her body, mind, and spirit while living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and IBS, at Feel free to follow her on Instagram @ali_edelstein.

Alison Edelstein

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Kelli Northey



Kelli Northey moved to Scottsdale six years ago, after marrying her college sweetheart in Wisconsin. They haven’t missed the cold, snowy winters yet! She is a mom to a sweet and silly two year old daughter who is always on the go. Their days are filled with fun toddler activities, ranging anywhere from library programs to splashing in their pool. Kelli loves being with family and friends. She enjoys volunteering, party planning, making paper crafts, trying new recipes, and going on family hikes. Kelli is new to blogging, but has loved reading the experience of other SMB contributors.


Kelly is a fourth generation Phoenix native and absolutely loves it. Her husband is the Community Life pastor at their church and is so proud to be his. She has three kiddos…5 year old Knox, 3 year old Silas, and 8 month old Amelie. She taught 4th and 5th grade for four years, but realized her true dream was being home with her babies. Getting messy, going to the zoo, playing in the mud, and making slime are just a few of their favorite things to do together. They have 2 dogs, a cat, and 11 chickens, because, apparently, she felt like she needed a zoo at their house (and she’s desperately in love with animals). She loves to do crafts, organize, and make memories with my family. Introverted, a number 9 on the Enneagram, and total coffee fanatic, you can also find her binging crime documentaries on Netflix (once the kiddos are in bed).

Kelly Lippert

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Jill Scott

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Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Jill is a current SAHM with 14 years experience teaching Middle and High Schoolers Humanities in private and parochial schools.  She enjoys reading, crafting, organizing events, travel, and making memories with her three children, ages 4, 2 1/2, and 2 1/2.  In addition to volunteering for valley organizations through her involvement in the Junior League of Phoenix, Jill actively seeks ways to give back to the community.


Marybeth Bock is a native San Franciscan, who spent 13 years living and working in two European countries and four U.S. states as an Army spouse. (Faves: Germany and Hawaii).  She’s been enduring the heat of Arizona for 14 years now with her husband, two adult-ish kids, and one crazy coonhound. An alumna of UCLA (Go, Bruins!), she has a Master’s in Public Health and loves to research and write about all health topics, particularly the mental and physical health issues of adolescents and women. Her writing can often be found on the Grown and Flown and Blunt Moms websites. As a new empty-nester, she is thoroughly enjoying the role of “College Mom”, and is finding more time for crafting, hiking, Happy Hour and travel. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Marybeth Bock

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