Party Favors That Won’t Disappoint


School is starting back up throughout the state, so that means those long class lists of invites to kids birthday parties are about to make their way around. My daughter just had her birthday party over the summer so I spent a lot of time searching for party favors that parents won’t want to throw away. During my search I learned that less is more when you come up with something creative. Mostly because that one thing will most likely cost a little more or need a few materials to complete. I tried to find party favors for birthdays year-round and for all different price ranges. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Mini flower pots- Super cute idea that is probably best for Spring and Summer birthdays but here in Arizona the weather can work for it all year. You can purchase mini flower pots at the store or even on amazon. Just one bag of potting soil would work if you wanted to divide soil into sandwich bags. Buy a few different seed packets and your party favor would be complete! If you wanted to add a little more, you could throw in markers or paint to decorate their pots. 

Mini Chalk Boards- This is one that I chose for my daughters birthday. I found wooden letters for the start of each child’s name and painted them with chalkboard paint. I then tied a few pieces of chalk to the board and that was it! The wooden letters did add up; for larger parties, finding already made boards would probably save a little money.

Mini Travel Board Games- I loved this idea! It does take a little more research finding multiple games if you want to hand out a variety, but I think it would be a big hit with kids. 

Books- I recently was at a birthday party and saw another party handing out picture books as a favor. Super cute, educational idea! You can have the birthday star pick out their favorite book, write a little note or even just sign the year and date on the inside. Scholastic books is a great route to go as you can find a lot of books at a cheaper price. Plus it benefits the classroom 🙂 

Fun Socks- A great idea for those parties at indoor play spaces. Most public indoor places require socks for kids so why not have a little bowl full of fun, crazy socks for the kids to put on when they get there! Also a great option for those winter birthdays! 

Bird House- Another favorite! You can buy plain wooden bird houses at a craft store for kids to decorate. Inside you can put whatever you would like to decorate with; stickers, paint, glitter, markers, etc. I also think gingerbread/haunted houses would be a cute idea for birthdays around the holidays.

I hope I gave some good ideas for your next party! I also think that the whole party favor idea can be passed up and definitely is not necessary. Parties are A LOT of work and require way more planning than I ever anticipated. Enjoy the moments with your loved ones. Everyone is there to enjoy those memories with you!


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