Grow a Lollipop This Easter


Are you looking for a simple way to add a little fun to your Easter celebration?! Ashley is sharing an easy and quick way to wow your little ones this year by growing lollipops!

Last year for Easter my sister sent me this amazing activity that was a huge hit at my house. In fact, my children are still talking about it this year and wanting to do it again. This is a must share as Easter approaches for you to try with your family.

Growing lollipops

This is a very simple activity, and you can alter it to fit your family and how many lollipops you actually want your kids to have their hands on.

  1. Find some planting soil.
  • We used actual planting soil in a small bucket. You can also crush Oreos, plant them right in a sandbox, or just dig a few holes in your ground in the backyard.
  1. After finding the soil you are now going to plant a few Jellybeans. Make sure to cover them up as if you are planting a flower.
  2. Leave the Jellybeans overnight and after the kids go to bed you can plant lollipops where the Jellybeans are.
  3. The kids will wake up on Easter morning to see that they grew lollipops overnight!

My kids We’re shocked and amazed that they could actually grow lollipops! Just a little fun activity to include with all of your Easter celebrations and fun!

Have fun growing lollipops and making memories with your kiddos!

  • If you can remember this activity, come Christmas, I heard that you could do the same type of activity with your elf on the shelf. Crush Oreos in a cup, plant a few peppermints and overnight candy canes will grow. Takes 2 days of activities off the calendar for elf on the shelf.

Happy Easter!

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