Three Supplements that will change the way you feel!


My husband and I have done our fair amount of research with trial and error with supplements. We started focusing on what we should be taking during covid. So much research was coming out how some vitamin deficiencies, or vitamin additions could help or hurt against covid 19. Overall, I think taking certain supplements are good for your health and immune system.

Within the last six months, we started adding supplements to help with our sleep and energy levels. After trying a few different types, we found some great vitamins that have significantly changed our sleep and energy levels. Keep in mind that you may need to try different types of vitamins and talk to your physician to make sure these will be best for you.

Here is what we take:

Magnesium Glycinate– This has been a GAME CHANGER with my sleep. I have a better night of sleep… deep sleep, and it helps with falling asleep at night. Be careful with taking Magnesium! I specifically take the MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE combo because different types of Magnesium can affect your body differently. I started using just a basic magnesium that I found at the grocery store and ended up seeing a doctor for a 3 month upset stomach. It came down to the Magnesium being a laxative. SO make sure to purchase the correct one. There are a few other different Magnesium’s to try that will focus on other areas of your body that I will list below.

Magnesium Threonate- Supports memory, increase brain magnesium levels, expensive

Magnesium Glycinate- Promotes muscle relaxation, no laxative effects, very safe

Magnesium Malate- Binds to metals, Improves energy, helps with fatigue

Magnesium Chloride- Best for digestion, can be a Laxative!

Magnesium Citrate- Helps with constipation, very cheap

Magnesium Sulfate- Used for muscle soreness, Antioxidant effects, may cause diarrhea

L-Theanine– If you suffer from anxiety this is a great supplement. It promotes relaxation and a sense of calm. I have high anxiety levels and I feel a great sense of calm when taking this. I take one a day consistently but if I feel anxiety coming on, I will take one.

Electrolyte water- Funny how this is now a thing. Salt has been the enemy for so long. It still can be, if you aren’t using the right one. We started drinking electrolyte water daily and it has made a big difference with how we feel. I will take one first thing in the morning and sip on one during a workout as I am sweating. If you ever have a headache or feel really sleepy during the day, have one, it will change the way you feel!

I hope with adding some if these supplements into your daily lifestyle will help you feel energized, calm and better rested. All of us moms need this!

**Please speak to your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet. This is not intended as medical or doctor’s advice.**


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