Podcasts For Kids


Podcasts are my new “playlist” at the gym. I have a few that I have lined up to listen to while I work and no longer listen to music. I love them, and so does my husband. I would like to brag and say I learn so much from them, but I will admit that I am a reality show junky, and I continue to follow those reality stars on their podcasts. BUT there are so many amazing educational podcasts out there, so there should be something for everyone.

I have a new discovery that I just need to share! I was scrolling one day through Instagram and saw someone post something about kid podcasts. Yes, podcasts for kids! A light clicked in my head and thought how amazing these would be to listen to them on road trips, or even just a short drive. I can even have the tv off and a podcast on in the background as the children play. GENIUS!

I tried it for the first time the other day as we drove to school and BOTH kids were completely silent the entire way. Occasionally I would get a funny laugh or comment about what they heard but it was amazing.  I am looking forward to our first road trip this summer to see how they really do on those longer drives. WORTH A TRY!

Here are a few podcasts I have found that I think kids will love!

PBS kidsThis podcast is basically the PBS kid shows on tape. Pinkalicious was the first one we tried and it’s a favorite of my daughters. Each show has their own podcast channel so you can easily search for shows that interest your child.

Kids Bible Stories- This may not fit every family and I am sure there is so many different kid friendly podcasts that fit each family and their beliefs but this one is another favorite. My daughter learns about the bible at school, and she enjoys hearing it more in the car.

Kids Trivia- I think this one would be a fun road trip podcast to listen to. They have them that suit all ages and can even include the parents.

Kids Short Stories– Kids short stories are always easy and fun. Type this in on your search engine and you will find endless podcasts to choose from.

I hope these fun ideas help entertain the kids as we approach the heat of the summer, and we take off on those long road trips!