Cool Off At Legoland Discovery Center


Legoland Discovery Center has been on my radar for a long time! I am so glad that I finally loaded up the kids and headed down to the cool, air-conditioned Discovery Center. Legoland is located right inside Arizona Mills Mall and is so easy to find. It basically has its own entrance as you enter the mall and find it directly to the right. Not to mention it is a BRIGHT yellow building! Once we were in the building, we were in Lego World!

A few attractions that my family was looking forward to were the rides! There are not many places around town that offer rides indoors. The first ride was Kingdom Quest. This was my daughters favorite ride that we did a few times during our visit. You sit in a “Chariot” as you circle around the castle shooting lasers while saving the princess. Each person gets points for how ever many targets they hit, and you can see your scores at the end to see who got the most! Always fun for a nice family competition. Another perk about this ride is if your child can walk, they can ride!

The next ride was Marlins Apprentice where you peddle a little cart as you fly into the air. Another fun ride that my daughter enjoyed. Kind of an ET type ride, when you see it, you will know. Kids need to be at least three feet tall to ride with an adult, or four feet to ride alone.

After the rides we got to explore so many different things. It was great because you could spread out a little bit and go to different areas and have a common meeting place right in the middle where there was a small eating area. We built all sorts of fun things with Legos like, bracelets, dinosaurs, racing cars, Duplo’s, and so much more! They had a large climbing structure for kids to climb in and play, plus a little disco room that you can dance and wiggle in. They had different areas designated for the younger children that were great and a little less busy.

Before we left, we went into their movie theater to watch a quick 15 minute 4D movie! It was so much fun to see things coming at us and trying to grab it. It had snow that came down and water the splashed us (slightly) throughout the movie! It felt great after coming in from the hot temperatures outside.

Overall, we had a blast at Legoland Discovery Center. There was so much to do for hours on end, we got our wiggles out and got to try new things.

A Few Things to know before you go:

  • If you come right when it opens, you will have little to no lines
  • You can pre purchase tickets online
  • You can upgrade your experience by purchasing tickets to the aquarium across the way for only $5 more
  • They do offer food (pretzels, nachos, nuggets) but also noticed people brought in their own food
  • They do have a party room that is starting to come back post pandemic

Make sure to check out:

  • Delanie over at the Master Model Builder area. She is the ONLY female builder in ALL of North America!
  • The gift shop has so many fun gift options all at great prices
  • Staff members have Legos that they can trade with you
  • The cool Dragon clock that opens and sings while you are there (near the tables)


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