What’s In My Bag: Diaper Bag Edition


I always love reading what other bloggers and celebrities have in their bags. I have learned of so many random things that people have, that become so useful in certain situations. I decided to take apart my large diaper bag to let you in on a few of my secret stashes!


My bag is the large Freshly Picked diaper bag that I absolutely love! I went through a few when I had my first and this ended up being the most durable, looks the best, and fits a ton of things. I highly recommend this bag if you are ever in search of a new bag.

Ouch Pouch

I found these cute little ouch pouches on Etsy. They are little bags that snap closed and can fit into a small pocket inside the bag. I have anything from a small thermometer to Band-Aids in it. When I travel I will sometimes throw Tylenol or Benadryl in, tissues, pads, whatever!

Sticky notes

My daughter always used to avoid going to the bathroom in public places, especially the airport, because the automatic flush would happen as she was going or was really loud. I always keep a stack a sticky notes in my bag to put over the toilets sensor and avoid it going off until we are ready.

Make-up remover wipes

I once read that Khloe Kardashian got red lipstick from her white couch with a make up remover wipe. Ever since then I will keep a few wipes in my bag in case of a big spill on someone’s clothes. I also heard the Wet Wipes can do the same trick.

Slime/play dough

This is probably one of the most used items in my diaper bag. Anytime that we have a long wait or a dull moment with a friend, my daughter will always pull this out. She plays with it at restaurants all the time!

Aden and Anais muslin blankets

I used these a lot when I had a nursing baby but always have it in my bag when we travel. I found them being much easier and breathable as a nursing cover. I would just tuck a corner under my shirt strap and drape it down the front to cover baby. It has been used as a towel, blanket, bib, and even coat when we did not have one.

I hope that some of my diaper bag essentials can be helpful for you as either an everyday item or something you throw in during travel. Some of these things are great gift ideas for new Moms or a mom who just needs a new idea.


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