25 Days Of Christmas


One of my favorite Christmas Holiday traditions that I started when my daughter was born was to make an “active” advent Calendar for the month of December. The entire month has so many things that you can do, make or go see. I love a good countdown and staying busy, so this activity is something I look forward to every year.

You can really get fancy with this (my first year) and make a large calendar with doors to open each day. You can also keep it simple and print off a December calendar to fill in the days on. Kids can keep track of the days either way! I usually keep most physical activities for the weekend or those two weeks at the end of the month when the kids are not in school.

Here are 25 Ideas of things you can add to your December Calendar.

  1. Christmas at the Princess
  2. Paint Cardboard Christmas Trees (Busy Toddler)
  3. Nightly snowfall at Desert Ridge
  4. Santa Social at the Quarter
  5. Visit Reindeer at the Zoo
  6. Go shopping for a family member.
  7. Wrap some presents.
  8. Make cookies.
  9. Gift to a Chairty
  10. Magna tile Christmas trees (can you create one with the tiles?)
  11. Christmas art projects (can fill this in several days)
  12. Make a Gingerbread house.
  13. Drive around looking at Christmas lights.
  14. Make hot chocolate.
  15. Watch a Christmas movie.
  16. Polar Express day (Hot chocolate, movie, pjs)
  17. Walk around your neighborhood looking at lights.
  18. Build a snowman (play dough, marshmallows, etc)
  19. See a Christmas show in town. (Nutcracker, Rudolf)
  20. Head up North to see Real snow.
  21. Visit the Library or Book store to buy/rent a Christmas book.
  22. Hide and go seek candy canes.
  23. Make an ornament.
  24. Make Fake snow (shaving cream and baking soda)
  25. Play family boardgames.

There are so many more ideas of crafts, games and even baking that you can do to help make December a really fun and memorable month. Happy Holidays!