Rebecca Hubanks

Rebecca is wife to Mikel, Mom to Nolan (5), Landon (2) & Natalie (1) and Pro-Snuggler of mini-doxies Khaki & Scarlett. She’s a Chemo-Infusion RN, Amazing Race Fanatic, Blue Bell Addict & Workout Enthusiast. As a Texas native, she braved 5 long Minnesota winters before moving to Phoenix in July(!) of 2013, and she's seen 3 rattlesnakes since then. Most notably, Rebecca is thankful to be Saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus - and More Awestruck every day by life’s little blessings as "Mom".

The Best Advice My Pediatrician Gave Me

When our second child was born, we were so excited to introduce him to his big brother, who was just shy of 3 years old. Suuuure, we knew there would be bouts of jealousy, but at...

Our Rocky Road: An Open Letter to Blue Bell

Dear Blue Bell, What? Did you really think I forgot?? When a teensy, weensy listeria outbreak forced us apart in April of 2015, I choked down Blue Bunny in a rebound attempt. It's been nearly 2 years, and...

What Not To Say To the Mystery-Sex Preggo Mama

My sweet husband and I just welcomed our third bundle of joy, giving us three under five -- two in diapers.  What were we thinking?? Also, who in their right mind has a third kid in August...

Easy Glitter Play-Doh for Us Less-Pinteresty Types

So, it's still hot out. (That's the jist of how I start every blog post for SMB. You're welcome.) Some of us have preschoolers who don't begin school for a few more weeks... The bigger...

Costco, I should hate you — but I CAN’T!

I'm trying here, Costco. Really, I am. I want so much to hate you, and on paper, that should be easy.  I mean, after all: I thought Target was bad, but YOU. You are the...

The Untold Perils of Kindergarten Day 3: You Gave Me Back the Wrong Kid

It seems there are precious few things as highly anticipated as sending one's child off to Kindergarten. What a mixed bag of sentiments - nostalgia, nerves, grief, excitement disbelief... We do our best to...

3 Foolproof Sides You Want At Your Next BBQ

Know what's wicked? AZ summers. She been sayin' it for 4 years, and Mama ain't gettin' tougher. #preggo #dueinAugust #wasntthinking But know what's wicked yummy?  Summer BBQ's!! And not like healthy, skinny people, I'll-just-stick-with-the-veggie-tray BBQ's.  We're talking YOLO BBQ's. Burgers and dogs...

5 Reasons To Overpay Your Best Babysitter

All hail the great babysitters!! {we're not woooorthyyyy!!!} If you (like me) have no extended-family help within a day's driving distance, then extra Cheers. I see you and I feel your pain. Somewhere around the birth...

{Breast Cancer Awareness} : Your How-To Guide To Accessories Showers

I love October!! Fall is in the air (well..... in the Flagstaff air), crockpots come out, and football players don their pink shoes, armbands, and decals to honor a whole bunch of HEROS during Breast Cancer...

The Costco Item That Lies

You may have read my litany of reasons why I should hate Costco, but can't. This week, Costco made that juuuuust a little easier -- and I'm here today with a warning: The next time you...

My Sweet Boys, You’re Making Me A Better Woman

Darling boys, you are still little. And though you couldn't possibly know it yet, you're making me so much better. I'm a better wife. ...because I am praying for yours. May I model the woman you might one day seek out: -...

Down With “Should”

Dear "Should", I am so over you. "Should". You are a burden. You are intrusive. You are the source of Mommy Wars and exhaustion, laughably high standards and soul-deadening guilt. You are wearying. You are unwelcome. "Should". I am so much more...

Hugs for Huggies: “The Huggies Campaign” {Sponsored Post}

Huggies generously offered one SMB Contributor some coveted Little Snugglers as a swap for an honest review. So easy!!! Let us tell you why they're the best!

“Holiday Spirit”: Your Holiday Lights BFF

Local, friendly, honest and affordable: "Holiday Spirit" is an easy recommendation for your holiday light install and take-down! Who doesn't love supporting a great, local company in the name of holiday fun?!

“Seussical the Musical” in review!

If you grew up rooting on Horton the Elephant for the sake of his precious Who's, while reviling the dreadful Wickersham Brothers and that mouthy Kangaroo mom/babe combo -- you'll so appreciate this storyline.

Your New, Very Favorite Chili Recipe

Cooler temps, I just laaaaaaaahve you!! The sappy, googly-eyed, all-in, head over heels, Taylor Swift meets Nicholas Sparks kind of LOVE. And after October 14th handed me 102 degrees - at 34 weeks pregnant - those feelings only deepened. It's...

Mom’s Morning Out. AKA: Heaven on Thursday.

Oh haaai, friend. Pull up a chair. La ti da. That? Oh, nothing. Just the remnants of a cinnamon bun that baby-in-the-tummy and I consumed without sharing a single bite with anyone else. And the mug? It...

{Mamaway Baby Sling} : You want this.

There’s a new baby sling on the market, and it is worthy of review!  Mamaway is really on to something: A high-quality, user-friendly sling that’s of ample length and width without being overwhelming. They generously gifted me one...

The Next Vacation You Need

It's no secret. You guys know how I feel about summertime around here. And you can sugar coat it all you want with your talk of "dry heat" and "but remember winter"... You get as...

An Open Letter to Summertime in AZ

Don’t get us wrong, Summertime: It’s not that you’re an unwelcome guest. You SO VERY overstay your welcome. Anyone who comes on Memorial Day and leaves on Halloween without offering to help offset the increase in utilities is just plain rude.

7 Things I Thought Were Easy Before I Became “MOM”

Sometimes motherhood means making sacrifices... or at least, adjustments. I believe that every stage of life carries the ability to challenge us, but I think you'll agree that the changes introduced by joining Motherhood are unique...

Confessions of a Toddler Mom

Motherhood.   You don't get it until you do it.   Several times I've called my dear friends (who all had kids before me), simply to say, "I'm sorry... I just didn't know!!!" Some habits that toddler moms...

Ode To Girl Scout Cookies

Thin Mints are no brainers; Just like Tagalongs. The husband would never forgive if you came home without. So, in truth, there's no doubt: These six are for your marriage...

4 Reasons Why YOU Want to Join Scottsdale Moms Blog as a Contributor!

he word is out! Scottsdale Moms Blog has opened a casting call for new contributors! Here are my own Top 4 reasons why YOU should take the plunge and join us!

New Year’s Resolutions {of a 2-YEAR-OLD}

New Year's Resolutions. They aren't just for grown-ups. Ah, a brand new year. A clean slate. Fresh beginnings.  A chance to cast off the old and put on the new. Just like a diaper. 2014 was a particularly big...

10 Ways You Know It’s the Holidays!

10) You stroll each of Target's home decor aisles, repeating: "Would she like that? Would she like that?? ......Would IIIII like that?????" 9) You bake cookies for the neighbors. And then bake more to actually take to the...

21 Day Fix : 1 Valley Mom’s 2 Cents

We made it. Our family survived our first, full Phoenix summer. And, all I can say is -- WOW.  That desert heat is no joke! "It was so mild," you tell me......  "We got off...

One Day of Fake Fall in Phoenix

The calendar tells me that fall is in full swing, and yet, as a Phoenix newbie, it's rather hard to believe. There are no changing leaves, no riding boots, no apple orchards. A Pumpkin Spice Latte,...

10 Websites Every Mom Needs {& I don’t just mean Amazon.}

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but we live in something of a digital age. I, more than most, retain an affinity for the old fashioned... I make pen-to-paper to-do lists and include items already...

20 Ways an AZ Summer = a MN Winter!

Our family moved to Phoenix from southeast Minnesota 1 year ago, making THIS our first full AZ summer -- and all I can say is Holy Moley. This desert dwelling thing is no joke! If you find...