Confessions of a Toddler Mom


You don’t get it until you do it.  

Several times I’ve called my dear friends (who all had kids before me), simply to say, “I’m sorry… I just didn’t know!!!”

Some habits that toddler moms (and I suspect any-stage moms!) might employ to make it through unscathed are…. less than lovely. And the time has come for me to confess a few of mine to you, Dear Reader.  

Just please — someone, anyone, tell me that you know what I am talking about…

Do whatyou must
– I hand my toddler random items while shopping in Target to keep him occupied and happy. Worse? I simply discard said items to the nearest shelf when he bores of them. (I’m sorry, Target employees of America…)

– I have been known to have apple peel, PB&J crusts and a fistful of rejected raisins for “lunch.”

– When Dad is home, I may have once or twice feigned nature’s call to merely sit behind a closed door for a minute. #or10

– Aside from my 20-Minute Cleaning Ritual, I do not believe in accomplishing anything meaningful during nap time. That is sacred ground for ice cream consumption, blog reading and Modern Family viewing. Well…. maybe some Beautycounter work — but that’s not work, it’s fun.

I am now that bizarre person who rises without difficulty at 6:00 a.m. for the mere pleasure of drinking a whole cup of coffee while it is hot. College-version Rebecca is appalled.

– Once in a rare while, I might put my tiny beloved in the gym’s childcare….. then camp in the cafe, read a book and drinking a smoothie. (It’s cool, it’s cool – the smoothie is green, so it’s basically a workout.)

-My 2-year-old can open my iPhone AND navigate to his ABC game. *Cringe.

– In conjunction with the previous admission, my iPhone has a cracked screen…

– My belief in folding kids’ clothes is faltering.

– The verdict is out on whether I believe in folding my own clothes.

– I once called the dog “Peppa Pig”.

Most importantly?  
I would never trade this wonderful and blessed job.

What can you dish???  Time to ‘fess up!


  1. Let’s see … Target stashing of random items (guilty), TV watching during naps (guilty), now a 5:30 wakeup for shower and coffee alone (guilty), never again folding kids clothes (guilty!) … he he

  2. Yes to pretty much all of these! Now I don’t feel so bad. You’re right, we toddler mamas gotta do what we must! Thanks for the great, and oh-so-true, post!

  3. I would like to add to this list that I know of every single restaurant that has a drive thru within a 10 mile radius of my home. 2 toddlers is 2 too many kids to get in and out of carseats at meal times.

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