What Not To Say To the Mystery-Sex Preggo Mama


mystery-sex preggo mama
My sweet husband and I just welcomed our third bundle of joy, giving us three under five — two in diapers. 
What were we thinking?? Also, who in their right mind has a third kid in August in Phoenix?! (…but that’s another blog post for another day.)  For two of our pregnancies, we elected to leave the sex (yes, it’s sex, not gender) of our baby a mystery ’til delivery. Both times, we brought the results home in a sealed envelope, but chose not to open it. It was so fun, and generated plenty of conversation with friends and strangers alike — some pleasant and some…. not as much?  See below my Top 6 What Not To Say To the Mystery-Sex Preggo Mama! 

“My sister waited. She was so sure she was having a boy that when a girl popped out, it took over a year to fully bond with her.”
  {{I’m……… sorry?}}

“My friend waited, and they decided their baby’s name quickly in the hospital. But 6 months later, they hated the name and had it changed. They say they wish they had found out the sex so they would have known to focus on their boy name.”

“You have two boys? But what will you do if you have a girl and you haven’t already bought everything??!!”
  {{Two words: Amazon Prime. And four more: Grandma can’t be stopped.}}

“Oh, I could never do that. There’s so much that can go wrong in a pregnancy; I need at least this little bit of control.”
  {{You can control that? Medical marvel!}}

“Oh, I could never do that. I need a cute nursery.”
  {{Yeah… Ours is a cardboard box.}}

“You have two boys! You simply MUST have a girl // I’m sure you are just HOPING this is a girl // Won’t you just die if you have another boy?!”

And what TO say??
“Congratulations!  Won’t that be a fun surprise?!”
  {{Thank you!! We are so excited.}}
…See how easy that was?

Mystery Mamas, what can you add?!


  1. Hahahahaha your poor baby girl with her horrid room of neutral colors and the burlap sacks you obviously had to dress her in because you were so woefully underprepared – people can be the worst

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