{Mamaway Baby Sling} : You want this.


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There’s a new baby sling on the market, and it is worthy of review!

 Mamaway is really on to something: A high-quality, user-friendly sling that’s of ample length and width without being overwhelming. They generously gifted me one of their slings in exchange for my honest review, and let’s just say — Easiest deal I ever took. This thing is rad.

First of all, it’s packaged so cutely. I’m a sucker for cute, and this did it. Not only are the weight and durability of note upon first opening, but the kangaroo-style storage means no more balling it up in my bag. 
The easy, tuck-in pouch totally reminds me of Popples.
Anyone?  Anyone??

If begun properly, the adjustments are easily done with one hand, and it’s simple to see how this would be of use for nursing, cuddling or simply keeping a babe close. The material at the wearer’s shoulder area permits it to be stretched wide, reducing strain and allowing for prolonged, comfortable carrying. Mamaway states, “Based on standard tests we’ve done, you can carry a baby for 24 hours straight provided you use the right position and strategy. I believe it!

Best of all?  Mamaway went a GIANT step further by providing this webpage: Step-by-step, video how-to’s for the starting position and the variety of holds and positions one can use with this sling.  What?!  Good call, Mamaway. Clear, concise, and easy.
(**Fair warning: Do not watch these unless you want your psyche to plead in earnest for a squishy, squeaky newborn to snuggle.  Ermagersh.)

Now… My own new babe is currently contained quite naturally, as his pending arrival is not until November. After trying Mamaway’s carrier on for size with various friends’ babes (and working to convince my 3-year-old to shrink back to infancy — *tear!*), my search for a shareable model of comparable size, weight and shape led me to: our beloved baby-of-a-weenie, 9-pound Scarlett. You get the idea — and for what it’s worth, she was a sleepy, suuuuper content FAN of the carrier within seconds. Bodes well for the newborn!!

Mamaway, thanks for the opportunity to share this great product with the world. I can’t wait to make it a staple in my routine. Two thumbs up, from our baby-free hands!