Rebecca Hubanks

Rebecca is wife to Mikel, Mom to Nolan (5), Landon (2) & Natalie (1) and Pro-Snuggler of mini-doxies Khaki & Scarlett. She’s a Chemo-Infusion RN, Amazing Race Fanatic, Blue Bell Addict & Workout Enthusiast. As a Texas native, she braved 5 long Minnesota winters before moving to Phoenix in July(!) of 2013, and she's seen 3 rattlesnakes since then. Most notably, Rebecca is thankful to be Saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus - and More Awestruck every day by life’s little blessings as "Mom".

Tear Ducts

It is well-known that motherhood brings many changes to a woman's body, but no one warns us about this one. I used to have normal-sized tear ducts; They were secure and more easily managed.  Then motherhood came and they...

Revolting But Effective: 5 Airplane Tricks for Toddler Travel

Ah, summer...  Here in Arizona, it's the magical time of year when we who so shamelessly boasted about our wintertime awesomeness Zip-A-Lip and hunker down with 1 hand in the freezer and the other...

The Cleaning Trick That Saved My Sanity

I haven't been a mom very long.  Less than 18 months. When I joined the ranks as an At Home Mom, I aspired to maintain our home as a place of order and peace.  i.e.,  To...

Top 10 Perils of Arizona’s Springtime

I've now experienced 3 full "seasons" (do you even call them that here?) since our relocation to the Grand Canyon State last summer. Now, while the rest of the country anxiously awaits Spring's arrival,...

Go Time!: A Crawler’s How-To Guide to Destruction

The joys--and messes!-- a crawler can create are amazing! Gone are the days of cuddling all day on the sofa. He's on the move and that means... So. Am. I.  Enjoy this little note from...