5 Reasons To Overpay Your Best Babysitter


what to pay your babysitter
All hail the great babysitters!! {we’re not woooorthyyyy!!!}

If you (like me) have no extended-family help within a day’s driving distance, then extra Cheers. I see you and I feel your pain.

Somewhere around the birth of my second babe, I arrived at a simple conclusion: a great, reliable sitter who my kids love, is relatively available, and who shows up on time can make or break my parenting existence.

But what to pay your babysitter? I’m sharing why I would recommend overpaying that beloved sitter. Spoiler alert: At the end of the day, it’s not an *over* payment.

5) We’ll start basic: She’s keeping your children alive while you enjoy uninhibited fun… And if she leaves your house tidier than she found it? MAKE IT RAIN. The only thing better than date night is a sink’s worth of magically clean dishes you didn’t wash.
Pay the sitter.

4) What is an uninterrupted, intelligent, adults-only conversation/dinner/movie/shopping sesh worth to you?
**Consider this parable:
Rebecca is married to Mikel.
Rebecca and Mikel love (LOVE.) Korean BBQ – and also each other, but mostly Korean BBQ.
Korean BBQ features a hot grill centered on every table.
Rebecca and Mikel wish to (a) chew and actually taste their Korean BBQ, and (b) avoid an ER visit for 2 grill-scalded children.
ER deductible x2 kids = $1,000.
Great babysitter = Less than that.
Leisurely, yummy, kid-free K.B. = Priceless.
Moral of the story? Pay the sitter.

3) Sanity.
I know, it’s kind of up there already. But it can’t not have its own bullet. Sa. Ni. Tee. She is beautiful. She is rare. She is fleeting.
Pay the sitter.

2) The difference between a “good” hourly rate and a “great” hourly rate (in the eyes of your best sitter) is about $2.
Food for thought: How long are you away, and how impactful is that dollar difference to you? Because it might be allll the difference the next time you ask her to babysit…. Just sayin’.
Pay the sitter.

Which brings me to my final point.
The Number 1 reason to overpay your babysitter:
When you want her to come over, you want her to WANT TO COME OVER. Follow me? You want her to choose you over What Ever Else she has up. The sitter scramble is no fun when you’re holding 2 Dave Matthews tickets. You’re gonna be wishin’ you’d paid the sitter last time….

Wishing you slow-paced, stress-free, kidless date nights in your near future! And THANK YOU to the great babysitters out there!