Road Trip Boredom Killer: DIY Travel LEGO Box


With the summer months upon us, there is a likelihood that there’s at least one car trip out of the abysmal heat to California or Northern Arizona in your future. While iPads, DVD players, and other electronic devices can cause a distraction, having kids play and engage their imaginations is important. Finding something to keep them busy while staying in their car seats, however, can be difficult.

My family recently traveled to Anaheim by car and faced 5 hours with three kids under 5. I knew they would be a little restless on our trip. I had to find something to keep them busy!

My sons recently have become infatuated with LEGOs. I worried about the mess they would make if we just scooped up what we had. I searched Amazon for travel sets and was shocked by the price (everything we do is times 3 so costs can add up!) . So I rolled up my sleeves and brought out my crafting supplies to make my own.

What You’ll Need

1 pencil box

1 baseplate

a pair of scissors

glue for plastics

Random LEGO pieces

Name labels (if making more than 1)

So Easy to Make

I first went to dollar stores, the grocery store, and finally Target to find a box with a lid that closed tightly. 

My sons were lucky to inherit baseplates from their older cousins’ old sets. If you aren’t so fortunate, baseplates can be bought at Target, Walmart or Amazon. One baseplate can be used in 2 or 3 boxes.

Next, round up your household scissors and a glue made for plastics (be sure to read warning labels to avoid dangerously toxics). I originally grabbed by trusty E6000 but read the label and found it to be really dangerous for kids! Read your labels. Certain types of Loctite can be nontoxic.

I measured the baseplate against the bottom of the box and cut it to shape with household scissors. You can use other tools, but the plastic cuts evenly and easily with whatever you have laying around. After gluing it into place, I let the boxes air dry outside for a day. I put their drink cup labels on them (they have such pride of ownership).

A LEGO sensation!

My boys loved playing with their travel LEGO boxes.  Most pieces stayed in the box, and the kids were entertained for a good part of the trip.