7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by spreading love and joy with your little ones? Here are some delightful activities and ideas that will make this Valentine’s Day a memorable and heartwarming experience for your kids.

7 ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids:

1. Handmade Valentine’s Cards

Encourage your children to express their creativity by making personalized Valentine’s cards for friends, family, and classmates. Provide them with colorful paper, markers, stickers, and glitter to add that extra sparkle. It’s a beautiful way for them to show appreciation and affection for their loved ones.

2. Baking

Get the kids involved in the kitchen for some Valentine’s Day baking. Whip up heart-shaped cookies, cupcakes, or even a strawberry shortcake. The process of creating delicious treats together can be just as sweet as enjoying the final product.

3. Crafty Creations

Set up a crafting station with red, pink, and white materials. From paper plate heart wreaths to tissue paper flowers, let your kids explore their artistic side. These handmade decorations can be used to adorn your home with love.

4.Nature Walk Heart Hunt

Take a stroll in your local park or nature reserve and turn it into a heart hunt. Look for heart-shaped leaves, rocks, or even clouds. It’s a simple yet enchanting way to connect with nature while celebrating Valentine’s Day.

5. DIY Heart Garland

Engage in a fun crafting project by making a DIY heart garland. Cut out hearts from colored paper or felt, and then string them together to create a lovely decoration for your home. If you have been wondering what to do with a toddler for Valentine’s Day, this is a great choice!

6. Love and Kindness Jar

Decorate a jar with hearts and labels like “Acts of Love” or “Kindness Jar.” Throughout the day, have your children write down kind deeds or loving thoughts and place them in the jar. At the end of the day, read them together as a family.

7. Family Movie Night

Wrap up the day with a cozy family movie night. Choose heartwarming films suitable for all ages, and cuddle up with blankets and popcorn for a love-filled movie marathon.

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love, and these activities are sure to create cherished moments with your little ones. How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids? Share your favorite traditions and Valentine’s Day activities for Kids in the comments below! Head to @scottsdalemoms to see more. And follow us on pinterest for more ideas!