Are Caraway pans worth the hype?

Thank you to Caraway Home for sponsoring this post! We are happy to share our experience with a product we use and love.

After trying Caraway pans for 3 months, are they actually worth the hype?

This summer I will celebrate 25 years of marriage! I did a little math. If I cooked an average of 4 dinners a week, that is 5,200 meals. So now I feel better about being truly excited about pots and pans and baking sheets!

So many recipes have gone through my kitchen – huge successes and many failures. I have cooked long enough to know that great tools in the kitchen can make a huge difference for how a recipe turns out. If you cook marinated chicken in the wrong pan, you will be scrubbing for days.

I have been using Caraway pans for 3 months now and I am their biggest fan!

Was it an investment? Yes.

Is making sure my family has non-toxic products in the home incredibly important? Yes. It only takes 2.5 minutes for a traditional non-stick pan on high heat to exceed 500°F and begin releasing forever chemicals.

Would I save up again to purchase Caraway? Absolutely.

When I was first married, I never thought about replacing towels or sheets or pillows or cookware. Everything seemed new and lovely and I hadn’t thought about budgeting for upkeep and maintenance.

I’m so glad that as we replace broken or worn out kitchen items, Caraway has us covered with improvements that are better for our family and being amazing to use in the kitchen!

Right now, they are running a special promotion:

Starts March 11th and runs until March 31st.

See details below:


  • Gift code with purchase
    1. Spend $95 get $25 gift code
    2. Spend $195 get $50 gift code
    3. Spend $395 get $100 gift code
    4. Spend $795 get a $200 gift code
  • Details
    • gift code sent 15 days after the purchase is made
    • Can stack with other discounts

Caraway would be the perfect gift for an anniversary or wedding! Now I have my eye on the bakeware! My birthday is coming up, so maybe I can drop a few hints to my family!

Have you tried Caraway? Let me know what you think in the comments?!



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