DIY Birthday Number Decoration


A DIY birthday number is a great way to add some customization to your child’s party. It’s also a cute birthday photo prop and a nice keepsake after the party. My daughter loves looking at her previous birthday numbers, years after her parties, while reminiscing about the special days. 

It doesn’t take much time or talent to create a DIY birthday party number. All you need is a paper mache number and some decorating supplies.

Step One – Buy a Number

Lightweight paper mache numbers can be found at Hobby Lobby, Target, or pretty much anywhere that sells craft supplies. Some of the numbers are difficult to stand up on their own, so consider how you’ll want to display it during a party, and after too.

Step Two – Think About the Theme

Consider your child’s birthday theme or interests. If you plan on saving the DIY birthday number decorations, it’s nice if they serve as a reminder of that age. 

Step Three – Design the Birthday Number

Start by tracing the number on paper so you can sketch your design ideas. Depending on the age of your child, include them in the ideas and creation.

Step Four – Pick Your Supplies

Most years, all we needed was the number, some paint, and a paintbrush. However, the sky’s the limit for this creative DIY project. One year, we used sequins to look like mermaid scales. Another year, a red glitter pom pom was the perfect “cherry on top” for an ice cream themed party.

Step Five – Draw It On the Number

Once you like your paper sketch, lightly draw it on the number. 

Step Six – Decorate

Now it’s time to decorate your DIY birthday number! Enjoy the process and include your child as much as possible.

Step Seven – Photo Time

DIY birthday numbers make a great photo prop! Don’t forget to take a photo of your child with the birthday number on their special day. 

Whether you keep your DIY birthday number to display it after the party or just use it during the party, there’s something special about a custom birthday decoration.


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