Kelli Northey

Kelli Northey
Kelli Northey moved to Scottsdale, after marrying her college sweetheart in Wisconsin. They haven’t missed the cold, snowy winters yet! She is mom to one very sweet and curious daughter. Kelli loves being with family and friends. She enjoys volunteering, party planning, making crafts, trying new recipes, traveling, and going on family hikes.
lessons from the desert

Lessons from the Desert

This summer, my husband and I celebrated living in Arizona for a decade. That practically makes us locals, right?! Along the way, we’ve learned a few lessons from the desert. Summer Lessons from the Desert ...
building your relationship

5 Ways to Build Your Relationship with Your Kids

If living through a pandemic has taught us anything, it's that family is everything. During normal times, it's easy to get caught up in the grind of rushing out the door in the morning,...
az day trips

Top Ten Arizona Day Trips

You've probably heard of a "staycation" - a vacation within driving distance of your home that doesn't require a hotel stay. Whether you're short on vacation days, trying to build up your savings account,...

A Tour of Scottsdale Public Art

Whether you're avoiding public places due to the recent pandemic or it's just too hot to be outside, a self guided tour of Scottsdale Public Art could be just what you need to change...
no pool

No Pool? No Problem. 14 Summer Ideas When You Don’t Have a Pool!

The temperature consistently hit the 100s before the end of April this year. Usually, that would be met with lots of trips to the splash pad or neighborhood pool. But with most of the...
sight word games

Sight Word Games Make Homework Fun

What are sight words? Simply put, sight words are words that students should be able to read by sight. This means, within about three seconds or less, they should be able to see the word...

How to Host a Pandemic Playdate

We're going on day 40 of self isolation during this pandemic. The weather is beautiful right now, but that doesn't replace recess and playdates and playground meet ups when you're a kid. In an...
bright side

Finding the Bright Side of a Pandemic

I'm a "glass half full," "focus on the positives" kind of person. I like to assume the best in people and I take things in stride as they come my way. The coronavirus pandemic...
parenting books

Celebrate National Reading Month: Best Books for Parenting

March is National Reading Month! Why not treat yourself, or someone you know, to a book to help get through the trenches and celebrate the joys of parenthood. Today we’re highlighting a few of our...
bedtime books

Celebrate National Reading Month: Best Books for Bedtime

March is National Reading Month! If you're finding yourself dreading bedtime, it may be time to change up the routine. There's nothing sweeter than a calming bedtime story to help your children drift off...
best books for older readers

Celebrate National Reading Month: Best Books for Older Kids

March is National Reading Month! Chances are, if you have an older kid in your house, they probably already have a favorite series or genre of books. Try surprising them with something new to...
early readers

Celebrate National Reading Month: Best Books for New Readers

March is National Reading Month! Celebrate a new reader in your life with the gift of a special book.  Today we’re highlighting a few of our favorites from the Best Books for New Readers Shopping...
best books for little kids

Celebrate National Reading Month: Best Books for Little Kids

March is National Reading Month! If you're starting to drift to sleep after reading the same books over and over, it may be time to update your child's library. Today we’re highlighting a few of...

Love Notes: Valentine’s Day Door Affirmations

As my daughter got closer to school age, I started to notice more and more stories of bullying and child suicide in the news. Kids are picked on for how they look, who they...
Celebrate our state

Happy Birthday, Arizona: 5 Ways to Celebrate Our State

February 14th isn't just Valentine's Day. It's also the day that Arizona, in 1912, became the last of the contiguous states to achieve statehood. Whether you're looking for ways to bring our state's rich...

5 Secrets for Organizing After Christmas

About the time the tree comes down and the decorations are put away is when I start thinking of my New Year's resolution...usually something along the lines of: SIMPLIFY and ORGANIZE! To me that...