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Seriously the worst part about Summer with the kids is three meals a day, Why do they have to eat so many times a day!?! We are joking, but there are great things about summer cooking too, for example we eat a ton of fresh, delicious salads, plus who doesn’t like ice cream everyday and sometimes the ice cream is the dinner on lazy Summer days. Ice cream and salads balance each other out, right?  

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Cheers! Summer Sangria Recipe

Whether you’re celebrating an occasion or just enjoying some time at the pool, sangria is a perfect summer addition. Here’s a sweet recipe to keep you cheers-ing all summer long. […]

Favorite Summer Salads You Want to Eat Every Day

When the summer temps start to hit the level of blazing hot, I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is… Eat anything heavy. Turn […]

3 Foolproof Sides You Want At Your Next BBQ

Know what’s wicked? AZ summers. She been sayin’ it for 4 years, and Mama ain’t gettin’ tougher. #preggo #dueinAugust #wasntthinking But know what’s wicked yummy?  Summer BBQ’s!! And not like healthy, […]

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches (For Your Mini People)

Did you know August 2 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day? Now anyone that knows me knows that I L-O-V-E ice cream in all forms and flavors. I couldn’t pass […]

Sunday Meal Planning Series {Chicken Salad}

With the temperatures rising in AZ, I have zero desire to turn my oven on. One of my favorite meals to make when avoiding the added heat to my kitchen […]

Spring Salad

Every time I visit my parents in Newport Beach, I swing by Greenleaf Chopshop for one of my all time favorite salads. Since I don’t always have the luxury of […]

Summer Kitchen Tips

The Benefits of Letting Your Kids Be Bored

That universal whine of childhood: “I’m bored.” As parents, we’ve all heard it countless times, and have all struggled with how to respond. Handing your kid some kind of screen […]

Surviving Arizona Summer As A New Mom

This post was orignially published in 2016, but as our stay at home order is lifted and businesses start to reopen, here a some local places to help you ease […]

My Kids Aren’t Doing Anything and IT’S OK.

That’s right. My kids aren’t doing anything. Before the school year ended, I talked to a mom who was on her way to pick her son up from t-ball and […]

3 Ways to Avoid Using your Oven in the Summer

It’s juuuuusssst about summer time here in AZ. This means hibernating inside watching movies and coloring a million pictures. It means venturing outside into only 1) an air conditioned car […]

Create a Summer Bucket List {FREE Printable}

No matter where you live, the summer days can start to drag after the first week or two. An easy solution is to create a summer bucket list, so when […]

Sunscreen Sanity Savers

Sunscreen. The most used AZ summer product and for me the most frustrating one. The bottles end up super greasy and leak all over my bag. They’re also bulky. And […]

This Saved My Sanity: Blackout Drapes

New moms get so many product “suggestions” thrown their way. “This is the best carseat!” “Use this and your child will sleep!” “These onesies are double the price, but the […]

The Amazing Convenience of Grocery Delivery…and More

Retailers of all sorts seem to be trying to make our mom-life a little easier with new conveniences. Full disclosure, I’m quickly becoming a delivery junkie. Safeway Delivery – They […]

9 Ways to Be Your Kids’ Summer Camp Counselor

Do you ever feel like you need a second mortgage for your kids to survive the summer at all of the private camps throughout the valley? The most popular ones […]

Planning for an Arizona summer {Five tips you need to know}

Summer vacation is almost here and there is no better time to start planning for the endless, hot summer days with the kiddos. Truly, I LOVE my children. I just […]

{Local Tip: Also check out our recipes using a pressure cooker that will help you create quick meals this summer.}

Don’t want to cook? Be sure to check out all of the best summer restaurant suggestions here.  

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