Create a Summer Bucket List {FREE Printable}


No matter where you live, the summer days can start to drag after the first week or two. An easy solution is to create a summer bucket list, so when the inevitable “I’m BORED!” statement starts getting thrown around, you can pull out your list and start checking off the fun things the kids brainstormed at the beginning of the summer. This is an easy and fun printable that each child can do on their own, or you can create together as a family. It’s great for young and old as well, if your little one isn’t quite writing words yet, they can draw pictures in the spaces instead.

summer bucket list


I love the idea of choosing a “summer word” – almost like a goal for the summer. Do you want to focus on ADVENTURE?… LAUGHTER?… CREATE?… NATURE? There are endless possibilities to inspire your kiddos. Then they can keep a list of the places they’d like to go. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Maybe it’s a new park or a favorite ice cream shop. What are things they would like to see? Try to get them to think outside the box…..can you make it a goal to see all historical landmarks in your city? Or maybe it’s reconnecting with a friend that goes to a different school.

Finally, have the kiddos come up with some things to do at home. Activities may be crafts, projects for their room, recipes to try or something new to learn. The teacher in me can’t resist adding a special section for books, YES kids – KEEP READING over the summer!

Most importantly, have fun! It’s summer – try to spend time together and enjoy checking things off of each list!


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