Sarah Baum

Sarah Baum
Sarah Baum is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Scottsdale at One Breath Healing Collective. Sarah has been practicing therapy for over ten years in numerous settings. Prior to working in private practice, Sarah worked with children and in Special Education. She is a mom to three kids five years old and under. When not working or “momming”, Sarah enjoys reading, yoga and travel. You can find her on instagram @sarahbaummft. Contact her at [email protected]
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New Year New Me? Finding Myself Outside of Kids and Work

One of my intentions for the new year (not goals), is to focus on self care. So this morning I took a restorative yoga class at Surya Yoga with our very own Scottsdale Mom...

Mindful Meditation for Moms

In my practice, I hear a lot of women come in talking about their anxiety. During the holidays, normal, manageable anxiety can run high. Sometimes it doesn't feel like anxiety. It can feel like...

Terrible Twos are a Lie!

My middle child is three years old and this has been the hardest year of both of our lives.  I think about how with my first child, my daughter, I dreaded the terrible twos and...

I Am The Keeper (My Name is Mom)

I am the keeper of all things important.  I am the one who knows the kids schedules. School schedules, school holidays, early release, after school activities.  I am the one who knows classroom birthday parties, what...
body positivity

Teaching Kids Body Positivity

I love the movement that is rising up and celebrating body positivity. The premise behind this is loving your body at any size and celebrating it. This movement encourages people to stop hating their...
fighting mom anxiety

Fighting Mom Anxiety

I’m just going to say it. As a mom, the idea of work life balance is unreal, unattainable and unhealthy. It’s no wonder that motherhood puts you at a higher risk of depression and...