Mindful Meditation for Moms


In my practice, I hear a lot of women come in talking about their anxiety. During the holidays, normal, manageable anxiety can run high. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like anxiety. It can feel like overwhelm. It can feel like exhaustion. Or a general lack of interest in the things you would normally like to do. In these moments, practicing mindful meditation can help.

mindful meditation

I really love the guided meditations that you can find on YouTube. Search 3-5 minute guided meditation for sleep, anxiety, calm, peace. You name the feeling and there is one. As a working mom, I sometimes will do this in my car going from work to home (when I am parked in my driveway at home). Making the habit of doing this daily can bring a sense of calm and be a good transitional marker between one and the other. 

Another way to use mindfulness is taking a mindful shower. Start by trying to clear your mind of all the busyness of your mind. Visualize the warm water washing away all the stress and anxiety of the day. If your mind starts to wander, don’t worry too much, just try to focus on the symbolic washing away and swirling down the drain. Maybe add in some gratitude practice by celebrating that you have hot water. When you are done, take some deep breaths and exit the shower. Side note: I love adding a little peppermint or eucalyptus oil to my showers. 

Mindful eating is another way to practice mindfulness. If you are alone, taking the time to eat without other stimulus like music or tv. Taking the time to really smell the food, take in how it looks, eating slowly and with purpose. Trying not to let your mind wander. If you are with family, do the same, not a lot of extra stimulus. Talk to your family members about the food, be in the moment with them, foster communication and the time together. 

Just remember Moms, the basis of mindfulness is slowing down. Slowing your brain down. Being in the moment. Taking time for you in all the madness.