Scottsdale Puzzle Rides:Themed Family Fun!

Thank you, Scottsdale Puzzle Rides for hosting this day of family fun!

It’s so hard to find things to keep the family (or adults) entertained during the heat of the summer, so when I was given the opportunity to take my family on a pirate themed puzzle ride I said “Arrrrrrrrright”. (Get it? Arrrrrr! lol). 

Puzzle rides are like an escape room but in a chauffeured golf cart in the heart of Old Town. There are many themes, but we chose a family friendly pirate theme. I brought my 5 and 7 year old and left the 2 year old at home with grandma. We met at Civic Center and got started immediately with a clue. Our host said to never underestimate the kiddos, they usually get the answers right because they don’t overthink things. Right off the bat this happened with our 7 year old. She knew the clue and of course mom and dad over thought it and tried to talk over her. 

Puzzle Rides ScottsdaleAnd just like that we were off! Just like an escape room, this is a timed event. We had 90 minutes to solve puzzles and clues in order to be declared the winner! It was a beautiful morning to be racing around Old Town on a super fun golf cart ride. Each clue led us to a new location and a new clue. Because we were pirate themed our clues were in little treasure boxes with different kinds of locks; combo, letters and keys. My 5 year old boy was super interested in trying to get the locks undone when we had the right answers. 

In addition to having so much fun solving puzzles and clues, we also learned some history about the origins of Scottsdale and saw some sites in Old Town that I had not taken the time to see and appreciate before. Our host also shared that they have another location and have puzzle rides in Prescott too!

Puzzle Rides ScottsdaleOur host shared that lots of people love to take these rides: couples, families and there is even a competition ride with one cart competing against the other! They have different themes and difficulty levels too! I am excited for an Old Town girls night out this summer on a puzzle cart followed by and amazing dinner!


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