The Best Year to Celebrate National Coloring Book Day!

How to tap into mindfulness and reduce anxiety while coloring with your kids.


August 2nd marks National Coloring Book Day and let me tell you, 2020 is the best year to celebrate this holiday. “Why?” you ask.

Did you know that adult coloring has the same effects on a person as meditation? Mindfulness is an awareness that emerges through purposefully paying attention in the present moment, non-judgmentally. Have you ever sat down to color with your kiddos and just felt calm and peaceful? It’s because unbeknownst to you, you were practicing mindfulness. Letting your mind just focus so intently on what you were doing in that moment. And who couldn’t use extra opportunities to feel calm and peaceful these days? 

The mindful meditation community is aware of the need for calm and peace and has created a whole world of adult coloring books! You don’t have to steal your kiddo’s Troll’s coloring book. You can have something that is just for mom. In fact, you can even have your own coloring pencils that are just yours. I am giving you permission to not share. I have my own set of special pencils and markers high up in my closet that my kids know are just for mommy. I keep them nice, don’t intentionally break them or press too hard with the markers! (Do you feel me on that one?!)

As we approach the impending start of social distancing school, this might be a great time to work on feelings on anxiety and depression by coloring with your children. Maybe while they are sitting on their zoom calls or while trying to work on homework. Give yourself permission to actively practice mindfulness with coloring. 

Some of my favorites are any of Johanna Basford books. The Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest Books are beautiful to look at and I almost don’t want to color in them. But I do! Also, one of the first forms of adult coloring is mandala coloring. These are circular or circular in nature, symmetrical designs. These are usually very intricate as well and really force you to concentrate and be present. Any of these choices can be found easily on Amazon or Barnes and Noble curbside pickup if you feel inspired to get started now. 

Share some of your coloring creations on instagram and tag me @sarahbaummft in them!