Maryam Mousavi

Maryam Mousavi
Mary is happily married and raising her family in beautiful Scottsdale, where she has lived since moving here from Ohio as a child. Mary is the proud mother of 4, ranging in ages from 9-20 years old. Mary's passions are not only for writing but also, they are reflected in her degrees in Psychology, Child Development/Family Dynamics, and Legal Studies. As a parent herself, as well as a Consultant in service to parents, Mary feels greatly enriched by also having worked and/or assisted research at ASU's on-campus preschools: Child Development Lab; Child Psychology Lab; and, College of Education Preschool. Mary loves nothing more than talking babies, kids, and parenting!

Verb-focused Praise Optimizes Children’s Performance!

Praise action over natural gifts to optimize performance!  By all means, continue to compliment your child’s talents and intellect to help them form a strong foundation, but in addition, over-emphasize praise of their efforts...

Kiddos are Freaking Out? Facilitate 10 Ways of Finding Calm

Kiddos are freaking out? Facilitate 10 ways of finding calm. Explore below to help them learn or improve on how to smooth things over within themselves. Whether your kiddo just “needs to calm down”,...
seven small children playing ring around the rosy in a field

10 Ways to Launch Great Days? Tap Morning Mindfulness!

10 Ways to Launch Great Days? Tap Morning Mindfulness! Your kiddos’ perspective on each new day can greatly benefit from your modeling and/or facilitating the practice of purposefully paying attention to the present, internally...

Empower Your Child to de-Stress through Mindfulness!

Empower your child to de-stress through mindfulness! Help your kiddos benefit from the practice of paying attention on-purpose, to the present, without judgment. While we’re trying to manage our own stress, our kiddos are...

From Slammed to Glam with This Go-Bag? YES!

  From slammed to glam in 5 minutes with this go-bag? YES! But first, Mama, let me say, it's ok if you don't remember how to get ready to go out like a normal, grown-up...

How Do I Support My Child’s Success? Check 7 Expert Tips!

Thrivers are not born; thrivers are made! For children to shine their brightest, a structured, loving and safe childhood also needs to include experiencing competency, agency, and autonomy. As educational psychologist Michele Borba discovered,...
A mother sitting on the floor, hugging her young son.

Traits, Tips, and Advantages of a Highly-Sensitive Child

  Traits, tips, and advantages of a highly-sensitive child? Pleasantly surprising is that current research findings are backing society’s philosophical shift toward a kinder perspective that embraces, rather than traditionally rejects, the highly-sensitive personality.  Some...
a mom with her two children looking at a beautiful lake between the mountains.

Thinking About Having Another Baby?

Thinking about having another baby? Wait, back up!....Have you had your first baby yet? (Start there, first, trust me!) Regardless, when it comes to wanting to have children, some girls “know” from childhood, or...
introvert mama

Tips for the Introvert Mama: Sleep and Wellness

Here are some research-based tips to help an introvert mama to thrive, regarding crib versus co-sleeping, and general personal wellness! There are two different schools of thought, which can be unfairly and inadequately distilled...
valentine's day

Get Psyched Up for YOUR Valentine’s Day: Top 5 Tips!

Let's get you psyched up for your Valentine’s Day with these Top 5 Tips! They will - Presto! - put the spark back into a sparkling gaze at your partner for this holiday! I...
house cleaning

How and Why to Get Yourself a House Cleaning Fairy!

Let's talk about how and why to get yourself a house cleaning fairy! It's okay to get some help with your house cleaning before or in the aftermath of holidays, special occasions, and everyday...

Pro Tips Guide for Traveling: Infants, Toddlers, and Children

How would you like a pro tips guide for traveling with your infants, toddlers, and children? Maybe you’ve already survived this harrowing experience. Or sooner or later, you’ll be embarking on this test of...
sleep through the night

Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night: Math Does It!

  Get your baby to sleep through the night: Math does it! Calculating sanity for the parents of an infant? Actually, it’s just simple addition, but it feels like magic! Below, you will read about...
sleep through

Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night, Part 1: Get Prepared

Get your baby to sleep through the night, and get prepared! Always set your intention to begin with, bearing in mind, this is a journey that requires determination and, some level of perseverance. A...