Maryam Mousavi

Mary is happily married and raising her family in beautiful Scottsdale, where she has lived since moving here from Ohio as a child. Mary is the proud mother of 4, ranging in ages from 9-20 years old. Mary's passions are not only for writing but also, they are reflected in her degrees in Psychology, Child Development/Family Dynamics, and Legal Studies. As a parent herself, as well as a Consultant in service to parents, Mary feels greatly enriched by also having worked and/or assisted research at ASU's on-campus preschools: Child Development Lab; Child Psychology Lab; and, College of Education Preschool. Mary loves nothing more than talking babies, kids, and parenting!
sleep through the night

Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night: Math Does It!

  Get your baby to sleep through the night: Math does it! Calculating sanity for the parents of an infant? Actually, it’s just simple addition, but it feels like magic! Below, you will read about...
sleep through

Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night, Part 1: Get Prepared

Get your baby to sleep through the night, and get prepared! Always set your intention to begin with, bearing in mind, this is a journey that requires determination and, some level of perseverance. A...