Erica Tatum-Sheade

Erica Tatum-Sheade
Erica is a licensed child and adolescent therapist and Certified Daring Way Facilitator practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is the creator of G.E.M.S. (Girls Empowered, Motivated, and Strong) an 8-week girls group focused on helping girls age 8-18 develop their best sense of self. She is a mother of three amazing children, two fur babies, and a baby tortoise.
Making Your Childs Mental Health a Priority

Making Your Childs Mental Health a Priority

September is Suicide Awareness Month, and earlier this year there was a report put out by the CDC in regards to youth mental health that was – to put it mildly - alarming. One...
love language

Using Your Child’s Love Language to Create A Stronger Bond

One of the constant questions many of us ask ourselves as parents is, “Am I doing enough to make sure my child is happy?” We often wonder if we are providing the foundation they...

My Favorite Family New Year Traditions (That You Can Steal)

From October to January, our house is filled with holiday cheer: spooky haunts in October, the “Turkey on the Table” to kick off the season of gratitude, our annual “Cookies and Cocktails” party with...

For The Love of Crocktober

It’s that time of the year, time for leaves to start changing colors, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and time to start pulling cozy sweaters out of the back of the closet (yes, I know...

School Year Tips From A Therapist/Mom Perspective

One of the many hats I wear - outside of being a mom of three of the best kiddos in the world - is that I am a licensed child and adolescent therapist and...

Celebrating Juneteenth Around The Valley

On June 17th, 2021, Juneteenth officially became a federal holiday in the United States – after being celebrated in some communities for many years.  What is Juneteenth, you ask? Juneteenth is the celebration commemorating the...
infant mental health

Infant Mental Health: What Parents Need to Know

Birth to age five is considered one of the most critical times in childhood. During this period, children experience the fastest levels of brain development, create the connections needed for empathy, learn social skills...
saying no

The Power of Saying No

Hello, my name is Erica and I say “yes” a lot.  I’m a natural helper, and I chose a career that involved helping because it called to me.  I’m the first to volunteer and...

Ways to Honor MLK Day Around The Valley

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has been a federal holiday and recognized as a National Day of Service since it was signed into law by President Reagan in 1983. MLK Day has been observed...
turkey on the table

A Turkey On the Table: A Lesson in Gratitude

Hello, my name is Erica and I absolutely LOVE the holidays. The holidays have always been a special time filled with family, laughter, and (most importantly) good food, which has always been associated with...
child's D

Why I’m Proud of My Child’s D: So Much More than a Grade

Why I’m Proud of my Child’s D As my husband and I were sitting at an appointment, I received the alert announcing “report cards are now available.”  I immediately turned to him and said, “should...
loving day

What Loving Day Means To Me: June 12

In 1967, decades before I was born, I received the most incredible wedding gift from two total strangers. They didn’t know that they were giving one of the greatest gifts I would receive, and little...
time to play

It’s Time To Play Again!

It’s time to play again! A recent study found that the average American child spends 4-7 minutes a day in unstructured play, versus seven hours of screen time. As more and more schools cut recess...
Michelle and Hair

Let’s Talk Hair Care: Interview with Michelle Anderson

A mother of 6, a wife, and a thriving business owner changing the hair industry in Arizona one client at a time.  The above is the perfect synopsis of Michelle Anderson, owner of “Michelle...