Steph vs. Joy | Our Thanksgiving: Part 2 (Joy)


{Hi, it’s me, Joy} Let me take a moment to remind (or tell those of you new to SMB) that Steph and I are opposites – we think SO differently, I cannot HELP but learn just from being around her.  Seriously, she did math in front of me the other day and all I could think was – “dude, we even do math (the international language) backwards and upside down from one another.”

All this to say that it’s Friday, the week before Thanksgiving, I have my dad and my in-laws coming into town and the most I’ve thought about is where everyone is going to sleep… and hanging pictures.  I know it’s silly, but all I can do is think about hanging pictures on the walls so that when they walk in, our place feels cozy and not like an empty-walled cavern.

Maybe I have an excuse because we’ve only lived in this house for six weeks (and the picture hanging is the big job still unfinished), but unlike Steph, I’ve hosted many Thanksgivings.  With a single Dad, Thanksgiving has generally been our “thing”.  I’ve made good and bad Turkeys and I’m sure I can’t remember how I got the good ones turned out good.  I figure, we’ll get a turkey, I’ll steal some of Steph’s awesome ideas, grab some more ideas from this healthy Thanksgiving article my hubby found, pick some pine cones from out back for decoration and delegate, delegate, delegate.  I LOVE working side-by-side with everyone doing something (sure that can be prepping green beans while watching football).  I will see if there’s anything my Mother-in-Law would like to make and what special requests my Father-in-Law might have, I’ll do the same for my Dad and hubby and away we go.

But don’t think I’m just sitting around here eating bon-bons.  I’ve been hanging pictures, for reals.  Which, is a job in itself when you have a thousand other things to get done (and this during this pregnancy, this baby will ONLY let me do one thing at a time, so multi-tasking is OUT!)

So, instead of planning out my menu, I’ve been researching design ideas.  AND, I found a really fun idea for my entryway wall art from Young House Love.  My version is in black (b/c that’s what I have), but I think it turned out alright (although, not fully complete (I need to replace some color photos with black and white), I’ll let you see it anyway).  Here it is:

See, I’m getting ready to welcome my house guests.  Besides, I do my shopping on Mondays so, I have the weekend to make the grocery list 😉