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Today we’re back with another Mommy SOS topic – yipee!  If you missed our first four posts be sure to check them out…Post 1. Strollers.  Post 2. Potty TrainingPost 3. OB/GYN/Midwife and Post 4. Pediatrician.

Now for our next topic….Traveling with Children.  In light of the upcoming holiday(s) I thought it would be fun to share some Mommy advice for tips to stay sane when traveling with children 🙂 Here are my thoughts…

{Steph} I’ll be honest – I really have very little experience with traveling via car (for long distances that is) with children BUT believe it or not, I’ve actually done my fair share of flying with Nora.  So for those of you braving Phoenix Sky Harbor this Thanksgiving or Christmas season here are some tips I’ve learned when flying with a toddler…

1) Snacks, snacks and more snacks. At this age Nora seems to be easily entertained with food so the more options the better.

2) Portable DVD Player – I know, I know. There’s all sorts of research out there saying that my 16 month old should not be watching any TV.  Well – I’ll be the terrible mom and admit that Nora watches a limited amount of TV at home AND when we’re traveling I’m not opposed to using a portable DVD player.

3) Dum Dum’s – No joke ladies.  I realize these are probably considered a choking hazard for a 16 month but hear me out.  I sat next to her the entire time she was sucking on it and paid very close attention to her during this time.  But let me tell you why they are brilliant…. First, how in the world do you get a 16 month old to suck on anything for take off and landing to help with their little ears?  Maybe some children would be content sucking away on their binkies… not Nora 🙂  The Dum Dum did the trick!

4) Toys – Bringing lots of toy options also seemed to keep Nora quite entertained throughout the plane ride.  Like snacks, the more options, the better!

So that’s all I got ladies! Happy Trails to you and your families…

…Your turn…

I want to know what mommy tricks you have up your sleeve for traveling via car or plane with children.  Spill it….


  1. What I want to know is whether or not it’s worth it to buy a ticket for your toddler. Since they’re under two they can still sit on your lap and you can save big bucks on a plane ticket, but I have no idea how I’m going to keep my 19 month old sitting on my lap the whole time? Any ideas?

    • I took a chance last flight and was just hoping that there was an available seat for Nora to use. Luckily for the way there we had a seat for her car seat… on the way home no such luck. I will say it is definetly nice to have a seat for them. BUT holiday travel is so expensive…. I don’t know.

  2. Steph I think you hit them all! The only other thing that I can recommend that has worked for us is that if you are buying your child their own seat, bring your carseat. This keeps them trapped in a familiar chair for the flight. Saved us when taking the family to NY for Christmas two years ago – 7 hour flight and my 2 yr old did great with that and using the tips you have already suggested.

    For Toys/Activities – I usually hit the $1 store or the $1 bins at Target and Michaels. It allows a variety without the cost!

  3. we traveled with a 1 yr old overseas and some of things that helped us were scheduling flights around naptime (=less time having to keep them entertained), blue sticky tape (sounds weird but tape or stickers can be both confusing and fascinating for toddlers), board books, and a new toy so they have something fun to open up on the plane. Happy travels!

  4. Great tips- and I totally agree with everything you have up here, as well as what Abbi suggested. I buy cheap toys and pull them out 1 by 1. They have never played with them- so it works well.

    I would add to this a baby carrier- it makes traveling with little ones so much easier (when you have to go through security and such!)

    Jordan- I’ve flown with both kids, and they both did fine on the flight in my lap. I’ve also flown with a seat and a car seat. There are those things that can convert your car seat into wheels (so it is sort of like a stroller). What I always did was bring it that way and then when I got to the gate I would ask if they had an extra seat for the baby and the car seat. If they have available seats they will give them to you (for free). If they don’t have available seats then you can check the car seat as you board the plane.

    I would also suggest Melatonin to help them sleep and to overcome jetlag :).

    For driving- I would suggest leaving during nap times or in the middle of the night. Using “night time diapers” so you don’t have to stop often just to change diapers. Use DVD players, toys, snacks, and singing lots of songs works in our family. 🙂

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