Photography Tips for Mommies | Picking the Perfect Outfit for Photographing Kids


What to wear in photos?

This is always the million dollar question for photos – especially with precious little ones.  Have you ever oogled over photos of someone’s cute children? Of course! We all have! It is, of course, because kids are adorable, but also key to the cuteness factor is the clothes and props. Here are a few suggestions (with photo examples) of great kid attire for photos.  Whether you are taking the kids outside for your own photo shoot or setting up a professional shoot – these tips can be used all around!

1) Color – Use color to accentuate your kids’ most prominent features!  Whether it is their eyes, their perfect skin tone, or their wild hair, color can emphasize features fabulously.  Oh, how I love children’s eyes – they seem to jump out! No matter what color eyes your child has, you can dress them in clothes that make their eyes pop in the photo. You know what colors look fabulous on your kiddos – make sure to use color to bring out their best features.

2) Add a little class– Contrast their playful & kiddo appeal with slightly dressier clothes.  Little boys look incredibly handsome in collared shirts, vests, button down shirt that imitate adult attire.  Little girls look adorable in dresses, frills, and even white.  While these looks are not practical for every day, once in a while for photos, they look stunning! Do be aware of anything that isn’t comfortable & avoid anything scratchy, itchy, or too impractical.  It is a great contrast to their baby look & will be a classic look you can treasure for many years.

-3) Layers, patterns, & polka dots – Photos are an opportunity to be bold with patterns, layers and fun colors that yell “joy & fun”!  Kids play, they run, they jump, they explore! The more colors and patterns that help express their playfulness the better the look.  When dressing numerous kids, just try to stay in the same “family” of color. Dress one in solid, another in stripes- and be aware of any clashing.  Walk that fine line between clashing and too matchy – coordinate.

4) Props – & interests – Your kids love to play! Capture this stage in their life by incorporating their favorite toys & interests into the photo shoot. While you don’t want every photo with the “Arial” or “blankie” – it really captures a piece of your child when you introduce what they love.  Some kids love sports – dress them in their favorite jersey!  If your little girl is really into playing tea party, let her bring her tea set or her “friends” along for a couple photos.  Your kids are only this age one time, and photos are there to capture them as they are right now.  Plus, if your kids are happy because they have their favorite toys, this will show in the photos.  And for those really little babies, you can just incorporate YOUR interests into their outfits… they may not know they like football – yet…

5) Details – Finally… have a little fun with headbands and hats!  I was nicknamed “fuzz-head” until I was two because I had no hair! Bring out the girly side of your little girl by incorporating bows or headbands.  Try to keep the size reasonable & play around with the color. Again, comfort is important – so it may be a good idea to practice with the headbands & hats well in advance of the actual photo shoot.  This way, your kiddo won’t even notice and they can concentrate on having fun!

Good luck with your photos, moms! Just remember – if you are having fun, your kids will have fun & it will show through the photos you capture.
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  1. Nice article! I find it helpful especially you pointed out what to wear which is very true because it added a cuteness factor to kiddos. I really love the 3rd photo in your number 4 tips. So cute! Thanks for sharing.

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