Add outsourcing laundry to your new year’s resolution list!


Laundry is my most hated household chore! There are so many steps! I have to collect it all, sort it, wash it, remember to switch it to the dryer, fold it (sort it again) and then put it all away. It takes forever to complete. There is always some point in the process that I forget about the next step and then unfolded laundry sits in the hallway for too long. And if we are only running our washer and dryer during peak times, it is impossible to get it all done in one day.


Well, lucky for me, I found a pick up and delivery laundry and dry cleaning company that makes all of these steps disappear. Tide Cleaners is a premium laundry service that allows me to leave my laundry AND dry cleaning outside on my front porch. All of it is easily scheduled through their app and the laundry is returned perfectly washed and folded. The dry cleaning is returned, pressed and hung a few days later.


I got to try out the Tide Cleaners service for myself. I just scheduled the pick up the night before and placed my bags on the front porch the next day. The Tide Team picked up my bags and did all the work for me.


It was lovely receiving the bag of clean clothes back. Everything was professionally folded and looked so nice. The team saved me so many hours of time!

My neighborhood is on a Monday/Thursday drop off and pick up schedule, which works out great with my family. Check on the website to see if your area is covered and what schedule is available.


Tide Cleaners is offering our readers a 50% off dry cleaning for your FIRST route order. The coupon code is only for pickup and delivery orders and cannot be redeemed in Tide Cleaners stores. Mention promo code ROUTE50 when you sign up. You can redeem it either by signing up via the Tide Cleaners app or you can call to create an account.

We also think that Tide Cleaners makes a fantastic gift for a new mom or for any family that might need an unexpected surprise!

Thank you to Tide Cleaners for letting us try the laundry and dry cleaning service so we can share all about it!