Top 12 posts over the 12 years of Scottsdale Moms


Four women celebrating and smiling with confetti

Twelve years ago two beautiful ladies had a vision for a community of encouragement, vulnerability, and togetherness on the journey of motherhood in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We are celebrating our 12 year anniversary and cannot help but be nostalgic over the amazing journey these past years. As word spread of the response to women finding other women for park dates, beautiful articles, moms’ nights out, and sharing best local finds, other cities began to create their own sites. Steph Flies moved out of her local role in Scottsdale Moms and became the national director for City Mom Collective.

We are humbled by the stories of friendships and connections, advice and sisterhood, and times where we have watched moms truly pull other moms out of loneliness back into community.

As I looked back over the most popular posts over the past 12 years, I couldn’t help but laugh. Painted with our colors of the desert and motherhood, these articles are absolutely ones that we can all relate to!

Thank you for being a part of the community and thank you for encouraging one another! Mothers are beautiful creatures!

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