Third Trimester Workouts


20160203_122956You’ve made it this far! You pushed through the morning sickness of the first trimester and breezed right through the second. You can see the finish line ahead. For some, childbirth can be swift and painless. For others, childbirth be described as running a nine mile race while pregnant. Well I’m almost 8 Months pregnant and I’m no marathon runner, so I can tell you that running even three miles while pregnant doesn’t sound pleasant. If you are looking to keep up your strength here are some exercises you can do to prepare your body for the task of birthing your baby. And let’s be real, it’s nice to get some alone time if you have other children too!

Cycling Class: Indoor cycling was a class I taught through my entire first pregnancy. I developed PSD  (Pubic Symphysis Disorder) at about 5 months which is extremely painful. You know if you’ve had it. Being on a bike held my hips in place and I could still get the cardiovascular workout I loved and so much needed. This time around I’m a little late to the cardio party, but started to incorporate a spin class twice a week. I already feel better, lighter, and breathe more easily.

Swimming: If you’re reading this you probably live in the Valley and have a pool, or at least know someone who does. Make friends with them, because 1) summer is right around the corner, and 2) it’s great conditioning for your upcoming event…childbirth! I’m not the best at long distance swimming and you don’t have to be either, but many of my mommy friends can attest to how great being in the water feels. They’ve mentioned how it helps to take the weight off their body while in the water. Many have said they just enjoy floating. I have a couple of friends who do laps and say how swimming has helped them improve their breathing and of course keeps them in shape.

Barre: I have first hand knowledge (in front and behind the mic) of the benefits of taking Barre classes while pregnant. First of all, many of the exercises can be done without much modification. Secondly, when you do need to modify the exercises are easily accessible. I never feel like I skip a beat in barre when pregnant! Some barre workouts combine more cardiovascular and sculpt, and others are more pilates based. Some even infuse yoga into the workout. With so many styles you can easily find a barre workout that suits your needs and is non-intimidating. Barre is for everybody!

I hope you’ve been inspired to try something new in your last trimester. Of course you would want to get cleared with your OB or midwife before beginning any new workout. When you do, I hope to see you in class or out getting your momma-to-be glow on!

How have you prepped for the challenge of labor and childbirth?