snu:mee baby 3-in-1 music box review


snumeeThis week I had the opportunity to review snu:mee, a unique product from Baby Stars that is a modern music box, mp3 player, and baby monitor in one. My two-year-old has just learned to climb out of his crib and we’re trying every trick in the book to prevent his escapes, so timing on this was perfect.

snu:mee has a funny name but is a cool concept. It plays traditional lullabies and nature sounds, but the real twist is its modern lullabies, which are a collection of current pop and rock songs set to soothing baby bedtime music. We often put our kids to bed to the sounds of the Rockabye Baby station on Pandora, unfortunately unless we want to leave our phone in the room, we don’t have an option to have music playing after we sneak out the door. snu:mee takes care of this with nice musical arrangements that don’t sound robotic.

To control the snu:mee player you download the free app (see pic below) and connect to the device through a wi-fi network, using your smartphone as a remote control. snu:mee pre-loads some songs for free on your player with the option to purchase additional through the app. I really liked their arrangement of Titanium and the collection of Coldplay tunes. You can also transfer music from your own music library. The player slips into a plush case that your child can sleep with like a stuffed animal, although, my son managed to pull this off pretty easily.


A cool feature I tried out is the ability to record. I made a recording of myself saying goodnight to my son, which I then played remotely through snu:mee at naptime. I peeked through the door and watched his surprise as he heard mommy’s voice coming through his new plush toy. Another use I could imagine is to record a message from my husband to play for the kids on nights when he isn’t home before their bedtime. They would love this!

snu:mee also acts as a baby monitor, although it can’t play music at the same time. The monitor’s sound quality is pretty good and also detects movement in the room (which is handy for stopping those late night jailbreaks). For some reason I found the buttons in this part of the app a bit glitchy, but it didn’t affect its overall usefulness.

The only challenge I had was in managing the snu:mee wi-fi connection. I wasn’t able to connect to my home wi-fi and instead relied on the snu:mee connection, which sometimes seemed to interfere with other Internet-based programs on my phone, like email and social media. Still, I really enjoyed this product and am glad to have it as a tool in my bedtime toolbox!

snu:mee is currently available in Europe but is launching a U.S. crowdfunding campaign this month, which you can learn more about here. snu:mee has the functionality of a baby monitor, music box, sound machine, and mp3 player all in one compact device. I’ve never come across anything like it before, and hope Baby Stars has much success bringing it to the U.S.!

Thanks to Baby Stars for providing the snu:mee. Opinions on this product are my own.

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