Postpartum Support Can Look Like Many Things



A new baby brings great joy to a family in so many ways. They also bring more responsibilities along with that joy and sometimes, in an effort to meet all those needs, a new parent does not always get their needs met. However, there are ways to navigate this new time by finding and accepting help, however that looks for you. Let’s explore some options for help that you may or may not have considered that can make this postpartum journey in expanding your family go a little smoother and help you adjust a little faster.


Hire a housekeeper!

It’s true that many of us like our spaces “just so” and no one does it quite as well as we do, but this seems to be an area that is easier for many of us to let go. So ask your friends and colleagues who they use, get some quotes and hire the person or company you feel most comfortable with.


Let your mother-in-law or sister do the laundry.

Obviously, leave out your dry cleaning and your cashmere sweaters, but other than that, nearly any capable adult or a teen even in your life can help with this task so you can stay focused on getting to know your new sweet little person. Make sure the basics are in-stock (hello Amazon or Instacart!) and that babies’ laundry is not washed in anything with artificial scents and then let people help.


Consider a personal chef or meal prep and delivery service.

At a time when it is vital that you are eating nourishing foods, it is all too easy to fall into the habit of takeout or delivery. But as delicious as they may be, restaurant foods are often heavy in salt and sugar which are hard on our recovering bodies. So consider what works best for your budget and cooking style. Hate to cook? Just want to heat and go? Consider a personal chef. Recommendations from other moms are a great way to find someone. Or, if you don’t mind 30 minutes or less of cooking or have a partner or teens at home who can follow simple directions, then a meal prep service like Hello Fresh or similar might be just what you need–however, be cautious and do a little reading; some of these are high in sodium and sugar also.


Get some professional postpartum support.

Hire a nanny to help during the day with older kiddos if you have them so you can spend time bonding with your new baby and healing if you just went through childbirth. Or, if you know you need your sleep, consider hiring a newborn care specialist who can tend to your baby’s needs in the late evening and overnight, bringing the baby to you for feeding if you prefer, and letting you get much needed rest.


Pay attention.

If you are feeling down for an extended period or are showing any signs of anxiety, talk to your doctor and ask to be evaluated for postpartum mood disorders. Quick and proper diagnosis along with professional support can make all the difference in handling this all-too-common occurrence.


A new baby is a beautiful blessing, and studies clearly show us that parents who have postpartum support of almost any kind recover faster from birth, adapt to the addition to their family faster and have lower rates of postpartum mood disorders. Sometimes we just don’t know what that looks like or how to find it. With a little research, a little planning and sometimes the help of a professional, your recovery after the addition of a sweet new baby to your family can be much smoother.


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