New Year, New Month: Elevating Pediatric Dental and Orthodontic Care in Scottsdale, Arizona


As we step into a brand new month, it’s time to focus on the dental and orthodontic care and health of our children.

Why Pediatric Dental and Orthodontic Care Matters:

Pediatric dental and orthodontic care play pivotal roles in ensuring the overall well-being and confidence of our children. Early intervention and regular care contribute to healthy smiles, proper alignment, and long-term oral health.

Tips for Maintaining Oral Hygiene and Orthodontic Health:

1. Establish a Comprehensive Routine:Develop a daily routine that includes both dental care (brushing and flossing) and orthodontic care (if applicable).
2. Invest in Quality Tools:Choose age-appropriate toothbrushes, toothpaste, and orthodontic accessories to make oral care a positive experience.
3. Balanced Diet: Promote a diet rich in nutrients essential for dental and orthodontic health, including calcium for strong teeth and bones.
4. Regular Dental and Orthodontic Check-ups: Schedule routine visits to Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for professional dental and orthodontic examinations and cleanings.

We would love to work with your family to create and maintain an oral health plan.Our clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive pediatric dental and orthodontic services. Our skilled and friendly team specializes in creating a warm, welcoming environment for children of all ages.

Services Offered:
1. Pediatric Dentistry
Our specialized team provides a friendly environment that is specially designed to cater to kids who have dentistry fear and anxiety.

2. Space Maintainers
Space maintainers may be needed to avoid future dental issues from an unexpected loss tooth or before the permanent teeth come in.

3. Tooth Extraction
Tooth extraction is often necessary for various reasons, including decay, impacted wisdom teeth, or a dental emergency.

4. Baby’s First Dental Cleaning
Lay the foundation for proper oral hygiene with your baby’s first dental cleaning. We are proud to offer this free for baby’s up to 18months old.

5. Tongue Tie
A tongue tie results from an excessively short, thick, or deformed lingual frenulum. Speed up recovery time with our laser treatment.

6. Air-Way Obstruction
Our airway obstruction service is dedicated to helping your child breathe more freely. Providing them with better sleep and life.

7. In-Office Anesthesia
Our In-Office Anesthesia makes it easy and comfortable for you and your child. Reducing their anxiety about going somewhere unfamiliar.

8. Lip Tie
A Lip Tie can restrict the movement of the upper lip, leading to difficulties in breastfeeding and causing latching issues.

9. Custom Mouthguards
Our custom mouthguards are created for each patient’s unique smile. Providing a mouthguard that is far more comfortable.

10. Orthodontics
Now is the time for your smile to get the attention it deserves with our orthodontic care. PVPD provides services for the whole family.

11. Invisalign
Unlike other traditional braces, Invisalign are invisible braces you can wear every day, at night, and at your convenience.

12. Adult Orthodontics
Braces and orthodontic treatments are not just for children. We provide adults with orthodontic treatment, including braces and Invisalign.

As we embrace the opportunities that come with the new year and new month, let’s prioritize the dental and orthodontic well-being of our children. Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is your trusted partner in nurturing healthy, confident smiles. Schedule an appointment today and embark on a journey towards optimal oral and orthodontic health!


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