What to Get the New Mom: The Second Time Around


It seems everyone is on the baby train- the second baby train that is. As a new mother to two wonderful little children (both under 18 months) I have a new found appreciation for all of the ‘practical’ gifts I have been given, as well as an understanding of what a new mother of more than one child really ‘needs’ (although she may not know it just yet).

When your friend/sister/co-worker has their first baby there are MANY things they need, from car seats to cribs, clothes to bottles, toys to diapers- their needs are obvious. By the time the second (or more) comes around those needs blur a bit because chances are they still have many of those items from their first go around.

As the announcements of second babies surround many of us, I thought it would be appropriate to share a list of some things that I was given as well as some ideas for the things that a new mom ‘really’ needs/wants.

  • Diapers– in ALL sizes and brands (this goes for disposable as well as cloth diapering moms)
  • Baby Wipes!!– This is one that most people forget, new moms are often given MANY diapers and ZERO wipes.
  • Gift cards to ‘family friendly’ restaurants– A $30 gift card to somewhere the new family can go out (and not think about cooking dinner- or worse cleaning the kitchen) does wonders for renewing a tired Mama.
  • A clean house– What woman with a little one running around while in labor has time to tidy their house? Well, not me. Thankfully I have some wonderful women in my life that cleaned my house (I mean deep cleaned) while I was at the hospital after having EACH of my kids. There is nothing better; I repeat NOTHING better than walking into your front door as a family of 4 and unexpectedly being met with a sparkling home.
  • Household cleaning supplies– This may sound silly, but I was given this house cleaning ‘kit’ from Costco, with every type of cleaning supply I could need. It was the most wonderful thing to not have to run out to the store to pick up toilet bowl cleaner with 2 kids!
  • Toilet Paper/Paper Towels– Again, like the previous items- you really DO run out of these things at the WORST times!! One big package of each can help that new mama to avoid a solo trip to the store until she feels ready.
  • Something special for the new baby– If the new mom already has everything she needs, get something she doesn’t need. A special toy or blanket or keepsake that is just for that child.
  • A baby book– Ok, maybe you all had if figured out when you had your second child, but it wasn’t until I was in the recovery room with my daughter that I realized I forgot to get her a baby book!
  • Things for the big brother or sister– this is especially important for families that are having a baby the second time around that is the same sex as the first child. They already have all the clothes they need for the baby, but their older child is probably growing out of their clothes and toys faster than they can keep up with.
  • Most importantly- something for the new mom! Whether it is lip gloss, fuzzy slippers, a manicure, it is important for her to know SHE is more than just her new baby and that she is loved too!

Are you a mother of more than one child? Is there anything that someone did for you that was very special? What would you add to the list?


Jess is a Phoenix native currently residing in Mesa with her hubby Luke, son Parker (18 months) and daughter Piper (2 months). She loves investing in deep relationships, playing the ‘save lots of money’ game, cloth diapering, and all things domestic (save for cleaning). She loves being a mommy and wife, has recently started Parker and Piper Trading Co. and strives to live transparently while updating family and friends on her everyday life.


  1. Jess – so happy to have you on our team! And for your always practical advice. Seriously… although I’m expecting our second I needed these suggestions for all of the other wonderful women in my life who are also expecting their second children!
    I especially love the “Something Special for the New Mom” – I recently started doing this for the post-baby gift that I send/bring to the hospital because the baby often gets a ton of things and every mama deserves a little something fun!

    • Steph- I am so happy to be joining you and Joy and the other lovely women who make this a wonderful place for moms! Oh and I LOVE love loved when friends got me a special gift just for ‘me’ it was so refreshing, and makaes you feel so loved! (no matter how small the gift!)

  2. I LOVE these suggestions! I often wonder what in the world I can get for someone expecting a second (or third) child! I think the consumables is a great place to start! I also LOVE the idea of getting this child something unique/special… so sweet! Thanks so much for your wonderful words of wisdom!


    • Thanks Joy!! I know, it is SO hard when our friends/loved ones have more than 1 baby to really know what to get them! Because lets be honest… you can only use so many baby outfits before they grow out of them. <3

  3. Jess- these are all wonderful ideas! Thanks so much for sharing this. I love the cleaning supplies and toilet paper/paper towel suggestion. There isn’t much worse than realizing you are out of t.p. when you are home alone with a new baby and you have a full bladder! 😉 I agree about the “Something Special for the New Mom” too. I’ve started giving my friends a gift card to their favorite clothing store when they have a baby. Chances are that she probably has not bought clothing for herself that she LOVES for quite awhile. A gift card to HER favorite store gives her an excuse to treat herself guilt-free!

    • Oh I think that is awesome!! It is so hard for us new Mama’s to treat ourselves to new clothes! What a wonderful gift Megan, I’m sure your friends just LOVE it!! 🙂

  4. Great ideas! Food is also always a help. Dinners that can be frozen/thawed are a lifesaver, but it’s good to think beyond just dinners, too. I’ve done a snack goodie-bag before by going to Trader Joe’s and stocking up on healthy, ready-to-eat snacks for the whole family…granola bars, string cheese, pretzels, a few treats just for the big brother/sister, and lots of options for the mama who will, inevitably, feed herself last! Nursing moms especially get so hungry so often – it’s nice to have healthy options in the pantry that don’t need to be prepared…

    • I love this goodie-bag idea too. I had no desire or energy to cook for weeks after I had Parker. I became good friends with peanut butter and apples during that time but if I had other little ones to feed a goodie-bag like this would have been a life saver!

  5. I am currently prggo with my second Little Bean due Sept 4th and someone asked me if I was having a shower…I absolutely do not want another shower since my first is only 13 months old right now I feel a little akward having one so soon, plus what do I really need? But now that I have read this post I think anyone who asks me what we want DIAPERS and WIPES so practical but so neccessary. This post is so true about everything. I also think that the dinners are very helpful some people did this for us for our first and it was so nice to have a home cooked meal and not actually have to cook it. So I would add that to the list and one last thing would be someone who would be willing to take the first child out for a few hours a couple of days during the week when you bring baby number two (or more home) so you can get some rest when the new little one is resting.

    • Thanks Elyce, I think the idea of having someone take the older child(ren) out is a great idea! Oh how precious those middle of the day naps can be for a tired new Mom!!

  6. Being a mum is such a difficult job and trying to keep up with everything is very difficult. We are told to take it easy after we have had a child. I was told to rest for 6 weeks after my Caesarean!! Like Impossible or what when you have a new baby who needs you soooo much. So good friends are important. A hand with the shopping, cleaning and even someone to talk to would be much appreciated by any mum :o)

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