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Learn all about Perform To Learn Academy and why it is the right choice...

Perform To Learn Academy has been an award winning program in Arizona for over 6 years. P2L has now ventured into elementary school education with our play-based, performing arts program. The P2L philosophy allows learning...
things to do

Family Friendly Things To Do in and Around Scottsdale {August 2023}

Back to school and LOTS to do! Our monthly guide for August events in and around Scottsdale is here. Check out our Photography Guide here. It is time to start thinking about those Holiday Card...

Birthday Party Guide 2023

Take the stress out of party planning this year and use some of these local birthday experts! We have everything you need to plan the perfect party - venues, treats, and entertainment! No more...

Family Fun Day Event {Join us at Goldfish Swim School!}

Dive into the fun on July 15th, 2023 from 3 - 5 p.m. at Goldfish Swim School Scottsdale for a family fun day! Exclusive sponsors, activities, giveaways, snacks & fun! We know by mid-July, we...

Everything you need to know about dental sealants for your children

As parents, we want the best for our kids, from their education to upbringing, physical health, and wellbeing. We also want them to retain their pearly white smiles throughout life. Unfortunately, many kids develop...
Six young children laying on the ground on a colorful rug

Preschool Guide

We all want our children to learn and grow in a safe and loving environment. When it's time for your child to start attending preschool, there are SO MANY wonderful schools in our area to...
precision teaching

What Is Precision Teaching?

The average child who attends Bierman Autism Centers is with us for roughly two years, and a large part of that is because we use precision teaching within ABA therapy to help us make...

A Kitchen Appliance that Preps, Cooks, and Cleans? Yes, You Read that Right.

The future of cooking is here with this new kitchen appliance called the Multo® by CookingPal®. It’s a kitchen appliance that can prep, cook, and clean-- and that’s just scratching the surface.  Multi-functional Multo –...

Parent Guide To Caring For Little Smiles {from a local pediatric dentist}

Why wait until your child is experiencing dental pain to see the dentist? Preventative dentistry focuses on a more proactive approach to keeping your child's smile beautiful, healthy, and functioning properly. The American Academy...
social engineering

Social Engineering: The Digital Decoys Enticing Kids to Click

You may have heard warnings about “social engineering.” While the term is simply a fancy way of describing fooling people into giving away their personal info online, the repercussions are quite serious.   Examples of social...

Splash Pad List 2022

You have to come up with all kinds of inventive ways to try to stay cool here in the Valley. Best local find is the splash pads! These glorious spots provided the perfect place...

Date Night | Happy Hour in Old Town Scottsdale

If you’ve ever walked the streets of Old Town Scottsdale, you know there are a tantalizing number of restaurants from which to choose. And new ones popping up all the time. So, where do...

Culture Pass, I Love You

When I first learned about the Culture Pass, I thought it must be too good to be true! You mean, I can get into museums, the Zoo, Botanical Gardens for FREE??? Yes, yes you can! Here's...

Adamo Education’s Microschool: Traditional, Digital, and At-Home Learning

Microschools are gaining popularity in the Phoenix area as families search for flexibility due to the pandemic and the ever-changing variants. While some parents prefer remote learning in the current COVID-19 climate, others are...
keep kids safe

Weekly Hacks to Keep Kids Safer Online

It’s never been harder to keep kids safer online. Ironic, isn’t it? The technology that has provided us more connectivity than ever before also opens digital doors that expose children to all kinds of new...
smartphone safety

Smartphone Safety: Why Hackers Love Your Kid’s Hand-Me-Down Phone

Here’s some unfortunate irony: More than half of parents (56%) say they gave their child a smartphone for safety and security reasons. Yet, 40 percent of all mobile devices are prone to cyberattacks. Parents motivated...
festive printables

4 Festive Printables to Help You Deck the Halls This Season

Now that the holidays are in full swing, it’s time to deck the halls and make your home feel merry and bright. If you live in a small home or apartment that doesn’t provide...
toxic products

Toxic Products To Avoid This Holiday Season

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s important to ensure that you’re not gifting your friends or family toxic items that could be harmful to their health, or buying these items for yourself. Some...

4 Ways to Volunteer Online for Community Service

When you give back to the community, you make a positive impact on the lives of others. While before, it was a huge commitment to commute to and from volunteer opportunities, these days you...

Laundry Room Makeover

No matter how big or small they are, DIY projects can be fun and a great way to upgrade your house to your liking. If you want to have your house feel more like...

Let’s Keep Things Light: 3 Tips to Bring Natural Lighting Into Your Home

There’s nothing more inviting than a room flooded with natural light. However, this isn’t a reality for many homeowners. While some people are blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows and walls of light, many people have...

Kind Ways to Welcome Your New Neighbors to the Neighborhood

When the new neighbor’s moving truck pulls up across the street, it can be very exciting for you and your family. Who doesn’t love to build close friendships with other families on the block...

4 Sunroom Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Imagine spending your mornings sipping coffee and catching up on the book you’ve been neglecting in your bright and inviting sunroom. While this may seem like an unachievable daydream, it’s actually much simpler than...

Psoriasis Awareness Month: How Managing Stress Can Prevent Flare-Ups

Every August, Psoriasis Awareness Month occurs, which sheds light on the autoimmune skin condition that affects three percent of Americans each year. This common skin disease develops when healthy cells in the immune system...
early child care

The Importance of Investing in Our Kids, Communities, and Futures

From birth to five years of age, kids form more than one million neural connections every second. Yep, you read that right. One million every second. These years are the most impressionable moments of...

5 Tips for Busy Moms to Declutter the Home

Motherhood is a daily battle of managing the time to finish laundry, make meals, drive the kids to extracurricular activities, and on top of it all – keep the house tidy. While the to-dos...
wall art

3 Tips for Placing Art on Your Walls

Buying and framing paintings for your walls can be exciting, but it’s often difficult to decide where and how to hang up new art. Thankfully, there are some simple rules of thumb to help...

3 Ways to Stay Healthy and Plan for the Future Amidst Uncertain Times

It’s safe to assume at this point in your life, you have come across some challenging situations, been forced to make difficult decisions that might impact the lives of others, and have thought about...

Preschool Guide 2021

We all want our children to learn and grow in a safe and loving environment. When it's time for your child to start attending preschool, there are SO MANY wonderful schools in our area to...

Learn about Tutor Time Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Programs!

Kindergarten, here we come! Tutor Time® is here to give you peace of mind while your child taps into big fun with purpose! Our schools follow CDC guidance to ensure a healthy, safe environment....