Top 3….AZ {August 2021}


In this series we’ll tell you about the top 3 new things we’re loving in AZ. New places and activities are popping up around town all the time. Follow along for new restaurants, recipes, experiences and other things you’re sure to love.

New Restaurant

A friend recommended this little date night restaurant Vecina, and it really is quite the find! The drinks were delicious and the menu was full of surprises. We tried the empanadas, tacos, and muscles.

It was all so good and packed with a lot of heat. We really loved the ambiance and character of this little restaurant in Arcadia. It was very busy on the night we went which was a Tuesday in July, so reservations are a must.

New Recipes

Back to school is upon most of us and that means back to busy schedules and many evenings where dinner is an afterthought. Taco Salad is our easy and healthy family dinner that each member of the family can customize it to make it their way.

I just prep all the options ahead of time and put out the choices in little individual bowls. Each kid can then just build it themselves when they are ready to eat.

Here are some choices on what to put out to make a delicious and healthy Taco Salad.

  • romaine lettuce

  • chopped red onion

  • diced tomatoes

  • avocado

  • chopped or shredded chicken

  • jalapenos

  • shredded cheese

  • black beans

  • cilantro

  • tortilla chips broken up for topping

An easy taco salad dressing can be made with equal parts sour cream and salsa with a squeeze of lime. Enjoy this easy family dinner!

If you are looking for more family dinner inspiration check out Jennie’s post about easy Trader Joe’s Family Dinners.

New Activity

With the kids back in school it is a great time to start a new hobby or exercise program for us moms. I really look forward to doing some activities for myself after making it through the stress of the summer. Here are the ideas we are excited about…..what is on your list?

  1. Join a book club
  2. Take a Pilates class. We really love Remedy.
  3. Start training for a 5k
  4. Try a new hobby

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