A Game Plan for Super Bowl – With Kids


football - 1It’s the Super Bowl. It’s in Phoenix. Your cold brew, chicken wings and cheesy apps are calling your name, as is your comfy sofa ready for you to settle in for the game with your husband. WAIT! Remember?? We have kids.

Yes. Kids — who don’t typically let us enjoy any full episode on the television, much less a 3-hour football game. I am already thinking ahead to have a plan to help make it a Sunday Fun Day. Here are some of the ideas I am planning on doing, and I hope these can help a few of you too!

bingo - 11) Superbowl Bingo: What a great idea! There are a ton of FREE printable Super Bowl Bingo cards on Pinterest, or you can make your own. Take out some M&Ms (or math counters if you have them readily available) and give the kids a bingo card to play along with during the game. There are several types of cards to choose from – ones for younger kids with pictures, and more challenging ones for older kids. Both children and adults can play and it may help the little ones stay engaged in the game.

popcorn bar2) Popcorn Bar: Adult’s typical game day fare (potato skins, spinach & artichoke dip) may not entice the younger ones, so setup their own festive snack section (which may also keeps them busy – bonus!). Fill large bowls with pre-made popcorn (plain & kettle), pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, peanuts, mini marshmallows, peanut butter chips or Reese’s and let the kids make their own popcorn creation. You can get small red and white striped popcorn tins from the party store, or just use plain brown paper sacks that the kids can decorate with do-a-dot markers.

3) Backyard fun: Living in the Sunshine state, we are lucky to typically have fairly good weather on the day of the Super Bowl. Take advantage and set up an activity center in your backyard to keep the kids occupied. Pull out an old camping tent and set up in the yard. Add some stuffed animals, bubbles, play dough, play food and let the kids loose. When indoor toys are placed outside, they suddenly become so much more exciting. There is no explanation for this. Just go with it and don’t ask questions. Don’t worry if the bubbles mix with the play dough. You are enjoying the game. Remember?

4) Movie (aka, the last resort): When you have tried all the above and they are still saying “Moommmmy!”, we all know the tried-and-true fail-safe babysitter: Movie time. Put on a movie in another room. Hopefully it buys at least an hour to enjoy the end of the game!

Hope these ideas help you enjoy the Super Bowl as well! Bring on the kids, ’cause we got GAME!


    • Glad you liked the ideas! Flavor-wise I really like My Popcorn Kitchen off Thunderbird. To get popcorn more economically Costco or Sam’s have tasty plain and kettle popcorn (already popped in big bags) that you can add to the popcorn bar. Add in the extra toppings, and it’s YUM! Hope you enjoy the big game day!

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