Restyle Your Home With Only $100


Do you think you can restyle your home with only $100? I think you can!

Does anyone get into a mid-Spring, almost Summer decor rut? Easter is over and the next “BIG” holiday is hmm… Memorial Day? I mean I love a little red, white and blue but the next “BIG” holiday where you have permission to bust out your new decor is Halloween. Halloween is 120 degree days away from now! I’m officially giving you permission to splurge a little on some new goodies for your almost summer home! Let’s have some fun with a restyle!

Last year I wrote a post here about decorating for summer with just $50! While that’s totally possible, you can do a lot more with $100. Double, in fact! Here are my easy tips on how to restyle your decor!

Restyle 100

Choose a direction for your restyle

First, CHOOSE A DIRECTION, either select a space/area to focus on or choose to add selective pieces throughout your home. This will help when you go source (that’s a fancy Interior Stylist’s word for shopping) in picking items to buy with purpose not just impulse.

Stick to a color scheme

Second, stick to a COLOR SCHEME. Either adding a new color to your existing scheme or making a bigger impact using a color or colors already present in your home. Let’s say you’re crushing on coral this season but your home is mostly gray, blues and creams. Go ahead and add that coral, baby! Or perhaps your home is blues and creams but the gray is sparse, use gray as your focal when restyling.

Pick a print for your restyleIMG_9007

Third, PICK A PRINT. Prints add so much depth and will catapult you right into high impact decor with just a few mixes! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures. There are absolutely no rules in today’s game of blended styles. You can be just as much vintage as you can be modern and just as much rustic as you can be traditional. It’s all about moderation. If you’re a little worried about your choices, run them by a stylish friend. Another great rule of thumb, if it looks good in an outfit, it will look great in your living spaces. Animal print with a floral ode totally WORK.

Another tip, don’t spend all $100 in one store. Just a little stylist secret. If I’m on a tight budget, I force myself to go to at least two stores. Store one may have a ton of great choices, but I almost always find something better at store number two. If I had all the time in the world I think I’d scout before I purchased but since none of us do, select your first and second stores wisely.

Trust yourselfIMG_0076

Lastly, TRUST YOURSELF! I have several friends who send me “I can’t do Home Goods” or “I went in with money to spend and came out with nothing! How do you do this?” texts… on the reciprocating end, I’m cracking up because I can conquer a Home Goods in 10 minutes flat (don’t believe me? See the damage a professional can do here). Be confident in your choices and if you love it, buy it.

So go on, give yourself a hundred bucks, follow my easy tips to guide you and restyle your home like the boss that you are. And if you get stuck, I’m here to help! Connect with me anytime on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or in the comments below. Ask your design/styling questions here.  If you need a little more guidance, let’s chat about getting you professional help in your home to reveal the style you always knew you had in your humble home!