5 Ideas for decorating your house for Summer, and with only $50!


Oh my, is it Summer!

It is an annual tradition about this time of year that I start to question why in the world one chooses to live in such sweltering heat?

I can get through most of this blazing season by naming the many (and I mean many) OTHER reasons I choose to live here but by the end of summer, I am out of reasons and just plain HOT & SWEATY! It is within the beautiful confines of my home that I can seek refuge and peace! You may not be as passionate about the heat as I am but I think we can all agree that a bright, fresh and crisp home is exactly what any summer day or night calls for!

With just $50, you can inject a little spark from the summer months into your decor! Here are a few ideas on how to spend it!

Decorating summer


Summer is the perfect time to swap out that comforter or invest in a beautiful duvet cover! It’s the perfect excuse to purchase that bright and almost obnoxious print you’ve been crushing on for years but never had the guts to buy! Buy it! And since you know it’s life is limited, you don’t need to feel obligated to alter your entire color scheme! Add some fresh flowers in one of the bright colors featured in your new bedding frock, place on your nightstand or dresser and you’ve got a full transition perfect for summer!


Even if your home doesn’t normally have a Coastal vibe, summer is the perfect opportunity to incorporate some sun and sand! With your $50 budget you could visit one of your favorite discount home decor stores and purchase a rope detailed lamp, a seashell printed pillow and a few small coffee table accessories to help transition your living space or bedroom!


Chances are you saw something on your vacation that you HAD to have… but may have decided against because it didn’t “match” your current decor. Forget those rules! There are no rules for summer decorating! Having a keepsake around your home related to your vacation will take you right back to those stunning summer nights and all the laughter and memories you made with your friends and family. Go ahead, live a little and bring home something from your travels. In this case, it’s OK to blow the whole budget picking up one statement piece!


Kitchens can start to look bland after a while… all of the functional tools and complimenting accessories start to blend together and can become cluttered looking. Make your kitchen pop by adding some bright accessories such as a bold colored tea kettle, a collection of fun and colorful cutting boards to lean on your backsplash or if you’re really looking for a pick me up, use your $50 to replace (or add) a window treatment for your kitchen window! You can make your own Roman Shade with one of several DIY tutorials on Pinterest or pick up a sleek yet boldly printed valance to set the “summery vibe” for the most popular space in your home!


It’s hot, and your patio may not be getting the sort of love it deserves. Dress up those outdoor spaces with some fun lighting, either outdoor lamps or a hardwired fixture so you can enjoy the comforts of the outdoors, once the sun goes down. With $50 you can pick up a solar lamp, a few wall mounted fixtures for your patio walls or search the sales for a beautiful overhead piece! The warm summer air is sure to keep your spirits high (in these high temperatures) and with extra ice, your beverages nice and cold.

Need more inspiration for your fifty bucks? Visit my Pinterest board dedicated to Decorating your home for Summer with $50!


  1. What great ideas! I love that you acknowledge that you can spice things up without going overboard in the spending department! πŸ™‚ Great post!

    – Breanna

  2. Good tips! I’ve been meaning to change out my bedding because my duvet is just too heavy for summer and holds too much heat, but I have yet to find a lighter comforter that I like!


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