Try Some Poptails This Summer


Poptails to the rescue!

If you parent children through an Arizona summer, these three statements are big facts:

  1. It is ridiculously hot.
  2. You have a bunch of popsicles in your freezer.
  3. Everyone in the family is at a daily risk of going a little stir crazy.

But there is a single and simple solution to all three of these issues for those of us aged 21 and above who enjoy adult beverages. I give you “Poptails!”

Yes, you geniuses out there already figured out what this mash-up means: popsicles + cocktails = Poptails. These frozen-y concoctions will cool you down, free up some valuable freezer space, and chillax you out a bit, so basically, they might become your new best friend by the time the temps begin to head back down below 100 degrees again.

The best thing about Poptails is that there are no rigid recipes or rules. Grab a blender, pull open your freezer and your pantry or bar shelves, and inventory what you have. Anything that is frozen on a stick, or in a tub is fair game. Any alcohol, juice, milk type, or sparkling flavored water is more than fine to add into your Poptail. Go crazy, you hot and delirious Mama. If it tastes good to you, you’re a Poptail baller.

For a little inspiration, here are some of my favorite blends to consider.

Classic Popsicle Daiquiri

The possibilities here are endless, with popsicle and frozen fruit bar varieties to satisfy everyone’s palate. Watermelon, mango, and coconut are my favorite summer flavors. Blend up your frozen treats with some rum and ice, and throw in real fruit as well, if you’ve got it. Cherry and blue raspberry popsicles are great choices for July celebrations.

Boozy Tea-sicle

Create unique favorite flavors with iced tea, bourbon, and lemon, lime, or peach frozen juice bars. Throw in some matcha powder and coconut milk to make a green tea blend.

Oh Boy Frozen LaCroix

It seems like I see a new flavor of LaCroix sparkling water every time I’m in the grocery store (Hello, Beach Plum!), and there are plenty of others who make flavored sparkling waters, including generic store brands. Therefore, there are hundreds of Poptail combinations to mix up with these waters along with whatever alcohol and frozen treats you have on hand. Make an egg white-free frozen version of a Gin Fizz with lemon, orange, or berry flavored popsicles and sparkling waters, along with gin and ice – delicious!

Spiked Coffee Creamsicle

Frozen coffee popsicles are easy to find now (or freeze your own cold brew), and you can combine them with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt bars, and blend in your choice of whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream, or Kahlua.

Sangria Slush

Sangria is another endless-possibilities-type drink. Blend or just stir together any favorite wine, any fruit flavored frozen treats, and a little brandy if you so desire. Toss in some frozen grapes and/or berries to keep the drink cold longer and to add a little healthy fiber. A Frosé is also simple to make at home by adding a little lemon juice and any frozen berry-flavored treat bars or sorbet to a bold rosé wine.

Melona Bar “Milkshake”

Don’t know what a Melona bar is? Get yourself to Costco ASAP, as not all grocery stores carry them, and a lot of people are now as obsessed with them as I have been for decades. They are made in South Korea, and I first experienced them when we lived in Hawaii twenty years ago. They taste similar to a creamy Italian ice bar and come in yummy tropical flavors like honeydew melon, mango, and banana. Put a few Melona bars into a blender with coconut rum, ice, and POG (passion, orange, guava) juice and you’re instantly transported to a tropical island paradise.

Get creative and stay cool this summer with some fun Poptails. Share with us what you blend up.