Marybeth Bock

Marybeth Bock
Marybeth is a writer, wife, mother of two, and iced coffee enthusiast. Her writing can be found on numerous sites such as Raising Teens Today, Grown and Flown, Collegiate Parent, and I Am Teen Strong. When not in front of her keyboard, she loves to hike, read novels, craft, and take way too many photos of cacti and her very spoiled dog. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Rejuvenate Your Soul at the Simple Farm in Scottsdale

If you’ve never heard of The Simple Farm in Scottsdale, I’m here to share what a little hidden gem of a place it is. I recently spent a few hours there one morning for a...
Family Vacation Destrinations

Ten Amazing Family Vacation Destinations for 2024

Are you looking for a fun family getaway this year for spring break, summer vacation, or fall break that isn’t the same old trip to San Diego or Disneyland? We present out Ten Amazing...

I Tried an Asian Head Spa. Why You Should Book a Session, Too

I’ve been wanting to try an Asian head spa for awhile now, and I finally got to experience one recently in Phoenix. Have you heard about the amazing scalp treatments you can get at...

Moms, It’s OK to Admit You Sometimes Feel a Little Rage-y

Modern motherhood is difficult, and that’s not news to anyone who’s become a mom over the past couple of decades. It’s stressful from the moment you find out you’re pregnant. Then there’s the sleep deprivation...
5 Great Ideas for a 13-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party

5 Great Ideas for a 13-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party

Are you struggling to come up with a unique party theme for your daughter’s 13th birthday? We’ve got you covered with some excellent ideas that will definitely excite your soon-to-be teenager. And these five...
A mom and her daughter laying on a blanket talking and smiling.

5 Essential Phrases to Say to Your Kids (Often)

When we’re in the trenches of parenting our kids, it’s often easy to find ourselves “losing it.” I know you know what I mean when I say that. On many days we feel like...
A wooden tray with coffee, grapefruit, and oatmeal, resting on a bed with a white bedspread.

Things We Do Not Want for Mother’s Day

The annual celebration of Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Don’t waste time or effort with hinting around or just hoping this year will be better than previous years. Moms – send the link to this...
Two mimosas with an orange slice and mint leaf sitting in the sunshine.

How to Set Up the Ultimate DIY Mimosa Bar

We could all use some good news these days, so I’m here to alert you to the fact that we are now entering prime mimosa season. The months of April, May, and June are simply...
addicted to phone

Could Your Teen Be Addicted to Their Cell Phone?

Nomophobia. Ever heard of it? If you have a tween or teen living in your house, you’ve probably witnessed the effects of it. Defined as a state of stress caused by having no access...
spring training

Get Ready for Cactus League Spring Training and the Dbacks 2023 Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for baseball fans in Arizona: spring training. Cactus League Spring Training here in the Valley is set to start once again. The League was founded in 1947,...

Fun Facts about Super Bowl LVII in Arizona

The Valley is set to host the Super Bowl once again this month – its fourth time in sunny Arizona. Whether you’re a big fan of football, just watching the game for the commercials and...

Helping Children Avoid The Fear of Needles

When my kids were little and I would announce that we were going to the doctor’s, the first frantic question out of their mouths was always, “Do I have to get any shots?” They...

I Don’t Want My Kids to Just Be Happy {Aiming Them Higher}

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a common question that all young kids get asked.  And as our children grow older, that question often transforms and gets asked of...

Five Fabulous De-Cluttering Tips for the New Year

The start of a new year lends itself perfectly to a good purging and de-cluttering of our homes. As we take down holiday decorations and try to find space for new holiday gifts, most...

It’s January, Moms: You Need a “Daycation”

The holidays are over and frankly, we’re all just a little exhausted. While December is a month that can be full of some wonderful time with family and friends, it can also be draining for...
magical tea

Here’s the Magical Tea You’ll Want to Make All Winter Long

If it seems like there are a million germs floating around out there this winter, you are not wrong. Between the nasty old flu, RSV, and Covid variants that just keep on evolving, everyone is...
popcorn bar

Create the Ultimate Popcorn Bar This Holiday Season

Is there any snack that’s better than popcorn? I think not. Popcorn is a whole grain that provides about three grams of fiber per cup. Since we usually eat more than one cup per sitting,...
fabric pumpkins

Fabric Pumpkins: Easy Fall Craft

Well, our temps here may still feel like summer, but every store we walk into reminds us that it’s technically fall, and that the HOLIDAYS ARE ALMOST HERE! (Throwing shade at you Costco, with...
tween girls

Help Boost Your T(w)een Girl’s Healthy Relationships

While we don’t yet know what the long-term consequences will be for our tweens and teens who lived through Covid-19 during some of the most formative years of their lives, we do know that...
no comment

Let’s All Give “No Comment” Parenting a Try

What is No Comment parenting. Well, when your kids are really young, you are always looking for advice from fellow parents. Playgroup gatherings are perfect opportunities to ask other moms about sleep issues, potty...

Why Do We Take Our Kids on Vacation?

Why do we take our kids on vacation? Well, that’s a loaded question, isn’t it? Here in Arizona, most of us plan a family vacation during the summer so we can escape the intense (yet...

Ten Cool and Tasty Local Treats You’ve Got to Try Right Now

When you live in a place where the summer feels endless, there’s always an excuse to go and grab some cool and tasty treats. Lucky for us, here in the Valley we’ve got so...

10 Great Valley Salads to Savor This Summer

It’s summertime in the Valley once again, and if you’re like me, you start craving cool, crisp salads to enjoy for a lunch or dinner meal out. We may be challenged by our triple-digit...
arizona playlist

Ten Must Have Tunes for Your Arizona Summer Playlist

Summer has definitely arrived in Arizona so it’s time to make a new playlist to listen to as you hang out by the pool, at the lake, or next to your favorite splashpad. Why not...

Sky Harbor Airport: Fun Facts and Terrific Travel Tips

It’s finally summer, and many of us here in the Valley are heading back to the airport this year to kick off a much-needed family vacation. But with summer travel heating back up again, and...
graduation gifts

Graduation: Fantastic Gift Ideas for High School and College Grads

Graduation season is right around the corner. You may be struggling with what to gift your own graduate, or you may be thinking about those announcements from family and friends that will be arriving in...
desert gardening

Desert Gardening 101

Have you ever tried to keep a colorful flower bed alive through a summer in the Valley? Or dared to grow some herbs in your yard that ended up completely withered in the heat?...

You Really Can Help Your Kids Adopt a Mindfulness Habit

Every mom in the history of Momming has been there. Has reached the point of frustration with a child and found themself saying, “Can you just sit still and be quiet for a few minutes?” It...

5 Easy Ways to Read More Books in 2022

One of the best things to come out of the pandemic for me was a renewed joy of reading novels. Prior to 2020, my reading habits had been changing for several years. I found...
local charities

20 Great Local Charities for Your Family to Support this Holiday Season

When the holidays roll around, it’s easy to focus on giving gifts to our children. No matter what age they are, we spend time trying to find things they’ll love, and we experience joy...